Welcome to a transformative journey of business and personal growth. I'm Jenn, your Quantum Healer and Manifestation Business Coach, and I'm here to guide you towards the thriving, aligned, and prosperous business you dream of.


With a rich background in corporate consulting, finance, and marketing, I bring both practical expertise and intuitive insight to the table. I've walked the path of business startup, takeover, and growth, in both corporate and entrepreneurial realms. My unique blend of experience allows me to see your business goals with crystal clarity.

Clarity & Focus  

In a world filled with noise, overwhelm, and information overload, my mission is to help you silence the chaos and step into decisive action. Together, we'll intuitively build and expand your business, aligning your actions with the energy of your dreams.  

As someone who is very intuitive, but has helped both large corporations and small businesses grow, restructure, and merge, there are many ways I can help you in your business.

What I can do for you...

-Clarity Coaching 
-Intuitive Guidance
-Energy Healing and Abundance Block Clearing
-Empowerment Work
-Mindset Work
-Leadership Training
-Funnel & Offer Building
-Content Creation- Ad Copy, Workbook, Worksheets, Trackers, Wallpapers, & Printables. 
-Confidence Building
-Building Your Brand & Helping you get clarity on exactly how you want to show up. 

List Of  Services:


An intuitive and channeled workshop designed to help you get clarity on what you want, why you want it, exactly how you desire to show up, and what your personal branding looks like. 

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 Intuitive Business Reading 

Guidance in what you really want from your business offer, what you may not be seeing clearly, and insight on what is going on deep down about this current trajectory or business offering.

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 Business Coaching 1:1 Session 

This Intuitive session is for you if you are: Looking for alignment in your biz, direction or insight, what to offer next, or you have abundance blocks stopping you from achieving your full success.
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 Business Building & Coaching Package

Work one on one with me in a VIP container for 4 weeks and let me help you intuitively get your business off the ground, thriving, generating leads and sales all in ways that feel aligned for you

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Business Witchery Membership is now here! 

The place to connect, network, and grow your business with other soul led entrepreneurs. 


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Take a look at what's waiting for you inside the Business Witchery Coaching Mentorship Program: 

I'm not just here to help you grow your business; I take a holistic approach to coaching. We'll delve into areas like healing, alignment, and manifestation, ensuring that your business goals harmonize with your mind, body, soul, and heart.


Throughout our journey together, I've witnessed incredible transformations and successes among my clients. It's a journey I absolutely cherish, and I approach it with boundless passion and dedication.

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