Hey there! I'm Jenn. 

Ready to start really turning up the dial on your business growth? Then you're in the right place.

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This space was designed to help you build your soul led business on a foundation of alignment, magic, and clear energy.

I mix intuition, mediumship, shadow work, mindset work, manifestation, and mentoring, along with a little bit of business witchery to bring the joy, abundance, alignment, and magic back into your business!


Community, Collaboration, & Connection  

Creating your soul lead business... CAN be simple, fun, and aligned. 
You CAN bring the magick into the business. 
You CAN manifest the exact business run the exact way you desire. 
You CAN meet soul aligned sisters and create community, collaboration, & connection.

In fact, when you create your business from that space, EVERYTHING about it gets to become abundant, and actually feel good. 

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What I can do for you inside the Business Witchery Membership...

-Energy Activations for creativity, alignment, & manifestation.

-Intuitive Coaching & Support

 -Energy Healing, Clearing, & Aligning.

-Guided Meditations

-Confidence Building, Empowerment & Mindset Work.

-Product Suite Building: You will be able to get feedback or guidance on your  Content Creation (Course Outlines, Workbooks, Worksheets, Trackers, Branding, & Printables).  

-Promo Graphic, & Ad Copy Help.

-Regular On-going Intuitive Guidance around your business.   

-Community & Networking- You will be able to share your offers inside the group. Abundance passes around the soul led business community. You may even find some of your soul mate clients, or collaborations  inside this community. 

The Biz Witchery Membership also comes with an entire content support library! 

Workshops, Courses, Workbooks, Planners, Meditations, Activations, Divination, Energy Clearings, Coaching Calls, Spells, Rituals, Manifestation, & More! We are adding to this library all the time! 

Business Divination, Spells, Rituals, Manifestation


Business Planners, Launch Guides, Workbooks, Journal Pages

Live Coaching Calls & Intuitive Guidance.

Take Action Growing & Creating Your Business with support, ease, & a little Business Witchery!

Creative Tools

Beautiful resources that you're going to love using.

Ad Copy & Content Creation

Guided tools designed to bring more ease to your content creation.

Brand Building

Focus on Heart Centered Sales & Offerings. Showcase your authenticity, without the gimmicks.

Inside the VIP Business Witchery Membership...

  • You will always be able to get eyes on your offerings, content, and ad copy. 
  • You will be able to ask all the questions inside the mastermind group and get intuitive feedback. 
  • You will get to hang in the frequency of soul led sisters and women on the move, the rise, creating more of what they desire, and being overall Boss A$$ Babes! 
  • You will be able to run ideas and offerings by the group for feedback and inspiration. 
  • You will be able to network and grow and share audiences. (There is no competition, there is infinite abundance to go around!) 
  • You may even find biz besties, and people to collaborate with. 
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If a membership is not the space for you, check out some of my other Business Witchery services:


This Intuitive session is for you if you are: Looking for alignment in your biz, direction or insight, what to offer next, or you have abundance blocks stopping you from achieving your full success.

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Guidance in what you really want from your business offer, what you may not be seeing clearly, and insight on what is going on deep down about this current trajectory or business offering.

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This Intuitive session is for you if you are: Looking for alignment in your biz, direction or insight, what to offer next, or you have abundance blocks stopping you from achieving your full success..

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Work one on one with me in a VIP container for 4 weeks and let me help you intuitively get your business off the ground, thriving, generating leads and sales all in ways that feel aligned for you

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Hi, I'm Jenn!  


I am an intuitive medium, business coach, energy healer, manifestation guide, content strategist, and shadow work practitioner.

From my previous life pre-magic; I have a background in corporate finance and customer service. Now I run a soul lead business, and help amazing mystics, and magical women to do the same, all while living a life of alignment, abundance, and joy. 

After years of helping myself and others with building, re-creating, and tearing down businesses, I have learned all there is to know about Intuitive Business Building. 

I intuitively mentor, coach, and guide you as you create a business YOUR way, on YOUR terms, exactly how YOU want it to be. 

I have learned that I am an activator and I can help activate your leadership, entrepreneurial, and abundance spirit. 

As a medium, I also have a unique ability to get an entire aligned blueprint for your business, AND I can help you create it all into reality in a way that leaves out all the constructs, the "shoulds", and the overwhelm. 

Free Resource Library:

5 Tips to Abundance & Alignment In your Business


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