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I am here to help those at all stages of their healing, manifesting, & magic making journey.

Are you just starting to get curious about your spirituality? Feel like there may be something more out there? Ready to start reviewing your limitations or old beliefs and discover what a higher level of soul alignment? Maybe you are at one of these places in life, and don’t know what to believe, or who to trust. I’ve got you! I will show you how to find your confidence and inner power so you can always lean into YOUR truth and where exactly you can find those answers within.

  • Do you ever find yourself frustrated when the 'experts' continue to tell you to focus only on love and light if you want to manifest all your hearts desires? Sometimes we get mad! And it's healthy to work through that anger! We can alchemize that into something really powerful. No need to hide your emotions in the shadows anymore! 
  • Do you feel like you have tried everything to feel better, and still aren't seeing the results you were hoping to see? 
  • Are you still repeating the same patterns, feeling the same emotional loops, and seeing little change to your life?


 I am you.

I took all the classes, watched all the healers in action, I read the books, did allll the spells and rituals, tried all the oils, crystals, and correspondences.

After a lot of frustration, time, and tears, I eventually discovered I was missing one of the most important aspects of feeling better and creating the life I have always dreamed of! 
Doing the internal work.
Unraveling the ancestral patterns, digging into the shadows and emotions tied in with what we experience, looking at where our abundance blocks are, re-coding new beliefs, desire mapping, embodying self-love, and then taking the aligned steps and actions to start following our highest joys.

It's not easy work. But it is one of the most wonderful and fruitful journeys of self-discovery you can take.
And your manifesting power will be on the other side.

If you want to start your journey of healing, empowerment, and finding your magic, my powerful one on one sessions are a great jump start to that journey. 



I have set the intention for these sessions to be THE thing to create a catalyst of movement, healing, expansion, & manifestation when you have tried everything you can possibly think of, and still just need something powerful that will give you the boost of confidence, healing, empowerment, abundance, or joy that you wish to experience. Come work with me in an accelerated healing and self-empowerment setting where I have gathered and combined every thing I have learned, created, and experienced when it comes to creating a life you love.


This is a unique opportunity to work together in an accelerated healing experience.

Each session will be sacred and specific to supporting you in your healing, manifesting and magic making goals. 

What to expect during a session with me:

As an intuitive and medium, I always have help from the spirit realm during one on one sessions. Sometimes your ancestors or loved ones will show up. Sometimes it will be animal spirit showing up to support you. Sometimes it's your highest aligned self I am communicating with. And sometimes it's other guides from other places. 
Whoever shows up, will be bringing with them powerful messages as you heal, expand, find your magic, or start your soul aligned business. 
I create a safe container of the highest light & good, and only work with spirit who is here for our highest good. 

 Healing sessions are completely tailored to each individual's needs, goals, energy, & requirements, so there is no one size fits all method I follow for a session. 

However, here are some things you can likely expect to have happen during your session: 

  • Quantum Intuitive Energy Healing
  • Intuitive multidimensional clearing and integrative practice
  • Accessing & clearing Akashic Timelines & Ancestral Loops
  • Mediumship communicating with ancestors, loved ones on the other side, other spirit & animal guides
  • Healing and calling back soul fragments
  • Cutting cords & contracts
  • Emotional trauma healing or release
  • Empowerment Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Training on accessing your own internal compass, truth, & intuition
  • Intuitive Card Readings 

Who will get the most from a one on one session with me: 

  • If you are ready to show up, commit, and follow through with the work involved, you will get the most from working together with me. I invoke big movement and accelerated healing. Be ready to show up for yourself and continue with the work regularly once our session is completed. 
  • If you are willing to look into your disempowerment, triggers, fears, & blocks and  and re-align to your current goals, then a session with me can accelerate that process. 
  • If you do not easily give up, and understand it could take time to work your way through your shadows. If you are ready to commit to your shadow work and healing journey for however long it takes, a session could benefit your progress. 
I am ready to show up for myself and do the work

A little about Me & Why I do one on one sessions: 

 I am a happily wayward soul, who has been deeply inspired by my healing and manifesting journey, and I now want to share the opportunity for deeper self-discovery with others. 

I have worked diligently to create a dynamic container for both a personal and sacred transformational experience.

I am here to help you turn your light on and to find your magic again. 

I have traveled the long road from anger to abundance, and I now have a goal to help others do the same, but more efficiently.

I am here to share my experiences and the methods I use to identify and learn to let go of abundance blocks, limiting beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that were holding me back.

With training and experience in shadow work, coaching, energy work, and all things manifesting and healing, my individualized intuitive approach will help you heal, and to learn how to trade your frustrations for living your best life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Each session is scheduled for one hour. 

You will also have access to my email and can follow up anytime with questions and awareness. 

I am obsessed with your healing, empowerment, and success- I won't just leave you stranded after one session! 
I am in it with you. 


Your level of results will solely depend on you and how active you want to be in your healing or magic making journey. 

The work, dedication, and energy you put in will be the determining factor in what you get from our session together. 

I can tell you each and every one of my clients who are committed and dedicated to their healing work derive some powerful results in working together. 

Once you reserve your session you will be sent an email with my availability and you can schedule your session for a time that works best for you. 

Our session will be held via live video chat through Zoom. 

You will be sent a zoom link the day before our session. 

Due to the nature of work we do together, I currently do not offer refunds for completed 1:1 sessions. 

However, your progress, expansion, and healing is super important to me.

If for any reason you are not getting the results you thought you would, no problem, let's connect so you can show me the work you've done and we can try other things. 
Reach out to me anytime and I am more than happy to discuss this with you! 

**If you need to reschedule or cancel before you have had your session, please do so 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. 

Your session is absolutely confidential, as is any of your personal information. 
Whether I know you or not, anything discussed in a session will be kept strictly between us. 
You are free to share anything and everything you experienced in a session with whomever you choose, however that is 100% your choice and I will never share your information outside our session. 


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