Mediumship Reading

It has always been one of my biggest dreams (even as a very small child), to be able to communicate with spirit and to have the ability to share deeply healing, loving, and much needed messages from our passed loved ones to those left behind in the physical world who really need healing, closure, and to know their passed loved one is happy and watching over them. 

And turns out- that wasn't just a dream I was feeling, that was a soul calling that was already within me. My name is Jenn, and I am an intuitive medium. 

Turns out those imaginary friends I was talking to as a child, weren't so imaginary. 

It wasn't until I lost one of my own family members that I truly understood the important of experiencing deep healing and unimaginable love that is available to us from our loved ones in the spirit realm. And I also learned what a special and unexplainable relationship we can truly have with spirit. It does not take away from the pain and emptiness from the loss of our loved ones in the physical world, but it is a very loving and supportive relationship we can develop with them in spirit. 

Nothing hurts me more than seeing people walking around with guilt, unbearable pain and heartache, or unanswered questions from losing a loved one. 

The messages we receive from spirit are so healing, so transforming, so supportive, and so loving. It is an amazing experience to have the privilege to facilitate and I honor the role I am here to serve. 

Although I cannot guarantee who will come through, or what messages or answers we will receive, I do know spirit will deliver the exact messages we need to here in the current moment for deep healing, or support. 
Whatever messages and information that comes through will be a healing and transforming experience. 

I am an intuitive medium, and get information from spirit in many different ways. 
Sometimes it will come in as messages, or symbols or representations of things that are meaningful to you or them, sometimes I get images or knowings, sometimes I am shown things that are going on in your body that could use some support or attention. 

I only ask for information that is for your highest good and deepest healing. 

I ask for spirit to put me in front of their living people if I am able to facilitate healing or support. So if you feel called to book a session with me there is likely a reason and quite possible some Divine assistance at work. 


 Please note, I am currently booked out about 1-2 weeks for readings due to growing demand.
I generally like to get readings back ASAP, I know how important it is to receive these messages much of the time!

If I can get your reading to you any sooner, I will absolutely do so. 

Delivery Method: Your reading will be delivered via email, and a detailed pdf document along with pictures of any cards I may pull during your reading. 

I will be available to answer any follow up questions or feedback you may have! 

If you have any questions at all, or want to know more please feel free to reach out: 
[email protected]

Sending healing, support, and love your way. 
~Jenn N. 
Intuitive Medium, Coach, & Shadow Work Practitioner 


What People Are Saying:

Thank you for this mediumship reading Jenn, it definitely gives me confirmations and lightens my heart to have some of these answers and insights you have given me. You are a true and genuine gem! ❤️

Lori S

I can’t say enough about how amazing this experience was for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect (I’ve never done anything like this before). Jenn is so amazing, her insight and support are one of a kind. There were definitely things that she couldn’t have known, that came through. It took me some time to digest it as her reading was so amazing. Her kindness and compassion are comforting and sincere. I can’t imagine a better person for this. Jenn, you are truly amazing. Thank you, your talents are so appreciated.

Tami T.

As soon as I started reading that picture came to my mind. It it one I keep on my phone all the time. All of the symbolism made sense to me. Everything was relevant to my dad in some way. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these messages. This is the most relatable message I have ever gotten from my dad since he passed. It literally all made sense. You are so talented. You made me cry but you brought me peace.

Thank you so much for this gift. I really do feel it is a gift.


This resonated with me! Sounded like my maternal grandmother, though I have never met her other than in readings. This confirmed for me that she is ready to train me at her level!!! Which makes me kinda proud :) Spirit would have known the 'royalty' piece of my bloodline. I felt really connected to my grandmother during this reading. She's been calling and I wanted someone else to share in it for some reason. You were the one she wanted to come through! I would tell others that you are open to what is coming through and that you try not to filter so that the reading is accurate. That your readings follow the soul's desire as well, that they will bring much information to your journey, and not useless ones like Uncle Bob likes jelly sandwiches kinda deal :). She is the perfect messenger for those that want to connect in a loving and grounded way. Jenn is a real medium that is here to serve your soul.

Stefanie D.

At the time of the mediumship reading I was preparing myself to head out on a nomadic journey and completely rebuild my life. The messages that came through were astonishing, and it was like receiving support directly from my uncle AND grandpa, since they both decided to come through. I could hear my uncle's voice as I was reading. I could feel his energy, and even now when I go back and read it again it's just as impactful, if not more so. The guidance that Jenn was able to tap into and write has a life of its own and rings at a soul level. I have always felt this about Jenn's work - I felt from my very first Oracle reading with her 4 years ago that she has a special gift. If you are receptive to truth - both the easy and the ugly - if you are seeking activations to help push you to your next level; to be open to both your light and your shadow; if you are ready to hear what you don't want to hear; if you seek connection to yourself, spirit, and a wonderful and loving support group, look no further. Our journeys are ultimately our own, but it is so much more beautiful when you have a Spirit Tribe that helps illuminate things when you go dark. Gratitude, Jenn!!


First off. I just started crying after reading the first three sentences of her reading. I just. Didn't expect the things she wrote. I'm semi-skeptic about some things and was nervous about wanting too much from this reading, but it was so soul-filling and nourishing in a way I wasn't expecting. She mentioned a brooch that my grandma always wears and a book that was dedicated to my grandma. My Grandma and Aunt have major Laverne & Shirley vibes, so hearing that come through was hilarious and encouraging. There were other things shared about love and encouragement to show up as my truest self and that they are different now on the other side and that felt really healing. The way Jenn delivers readings as well is clear and helpful and Jenn is engaging with any questions. I've always been blown away by Jenn's offerings and this far exceeded my expectations. I feel a deep sense of peace after receiving my reading and am deeply grateful to Jenn.

A.S. - Mediumship Reading

"The reading was so beautiful. I have been missing my dad so much lately and I do feel him around me all the time. I cried through most of it but happy tears. Everything you mentioned made sense to me. "

S.D.- Mediumship Reading

Thank you so much for a fantastic connection. You are just pure magic and it's wonderful. Some of the things in the reading are dead on and things I have heard growing up.


"I have been in Jenn’s amazing Wayward Witch group for not even a year yet. I was seeking out not only guidance for my life and my business, but also for some connection with others of like-mind around the world! It is such an amazing, uplifting and supportive community. It has helped me through some difficult times. Jenn offers amazing intuitive guidance and holds a loving space that allows for your growth and true inner reflection. I also joined her Business Witchery group to get clear insight and wisdom from Jenn and her extensive business experience. It is crazy affordable and worth every penny! I have even been able to start up a new business venture with her inspiration and cheering me on! If you are feeling like you gravitate to magic, but want to do it your unique way, the Wayward Witch is your path!


Thank you for the reading. It was spot on and exactly what I needed to hear.

Because Jenn is highly intuitive, deeply connected to spirit, and an energy healer, she has the ability to deliver the messages you need to hear in the most direct and loving way.

Michelle B

Had a wonderful reading from Jenn the other day. Very affirmative that I’m on the right track and to remember to find joy in the little things because even those will help you to realize how abundant our life really is.


Jenn offers amazing intuitive guidance and holds a loving space that allows for your growth and true inner reflection.

Intuitive Reading Client

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