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If you are looking for:
~An intuitive Business Coach
~Monthly Live Open Coaching Calls
~Bonus calls, workshops, activities, & meditations
~A small tribe of like-minded, supportive, soul-led entrepreneurs
Then consider joining us inside the Business Witchery Membership.

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Business Witchery Bundle

Build a Business That's True to You: The Soul-Led Business Workbook and Workshop Bundle


 The Business Building, Alignment, Growth, Manifestation & Coaching Bundle is now here! 


Creating your soul lead business... CAN be simple, fun, and aligned. 
You CAN bring the magick into the business. 
You CAN manifest the exact business, run the exact way you desire. 
You CAN meet soul aligned sisters and create community, collaboration, & connection.

In fact, when you create your business from that space, EVERYTHING about it gets to become abundant, and actually feel good. 


What the Business Witchery Bundle can help you with...

-Energy Activation for creativity, alignment, & manifestation.

 -Energy Healing, Clearing, & Aligning.

-Confidence Building, Empowerment & Mindset Work.

-Manifestation, Success & Money Magic.

-Launch Planning.

-Course Creation Planning.

-Productivity Planning


The Business Witchery Bundle includes the following downloable pdf planners and workbooks, online workshops and courses: 

-Productivity Magic Planner

-Launch & Course Creation Planners 

-Energy, Ad Copy, & Selling Tips

-Ways to Get Visible Workshop 

-Energy Activations & Meditations for creativity, alignment, & manifestation.

-Business Tarot Spreads

-Custom Made Business Energy Pendulum Board 

-Business, Success, & Money Rituals

-Replays of previous coaching calls 

 -Business Alignment Blueprint 



With this bundle you will also get access to an online portal where you will find ALL the Business Witchery Bundle content in one convenient online location. 

We’ve got lots of content to get you started and I’m always working some new magic in the background to add to the portal. As a bundle customer, you will get access to any new content that gets added to the online portal! 





  • A space where you will always be able to get eyes on your offerings, content, and ad copy. 
  • You will be able to ask all the questions inside the mastermind group and get intuitive feedback. 
  • You will get to hang in the frequency of soul led sisters and women on the move, the rise, creating more of what they desire, and being overall Boss A$$ Babes! 
  • You will be able to run ideas and offerings by the group for feedback and inspiration. 
  • You will be able to network and grow and share audiences. (There is no competition, there is infinite abundance to go around!) 
  • You may even find biz besties, and people to collaborate with. 




Take Action Growing & Creating Your Business with support, ease, & a little Business Witchery!
Creative Tools: Beautiful resources that you're going to love using.
Ad Copy & Content Creation: Don't like taking creating ad copy or choosing photos? I do! Let's create some killer visuals together.
Brand Building: Focus on Heart Centered Sales & Offerings. Showcase your authenticity, without the gimmicks.

I am so excited for this new container I am creating to help women fully align to the be the soul led Boss Babes we all came here to be!


All too often, I see women giving up on their dreams, goals, and soul desires due to a variety of reasons.

One of the biggest blocks I have observed is being out of alignment with your business, who you are at a soul level, and what it is your soul is truly here to create.

 I help activate you and step into your highest iconic soul led work!

 I have been there, and I totally see you! I find myself re-aligning with my business on a regular basis.

And I want to help other women do the same.


This multi-versed community is designed to help magic makers and boss babes of all kinds get into alignment with their soul desires, release limitations and abundance blocks, and gain confidence in sharing their messaging, offerings, and creations!


I mix intuition, guide communication (I meet with my business guides often!), shadow work, coaching, mindset work, and mentoring, along with a little bit of business witchery to bring the joy, abundance, alignment, and magic back into your business!


I cannot wait to walk with you all on your journey to joy, abundance, freedom, and alignment.


What People Are Saying:

Jenn has helped me so much with my business alignment, clarity, confidence also!

Business Witchery Member

"I have been in Jenn’s amazing Wayward Witch group for not even a year yet. I was seeking out not only guidance for my life and my business, but also for some connection with others of like-mind around the world! It is such an amazing, uplifting and supportive community. It has helped me through some difficult times. Jenn offers amazing intuitive guidance and holds a loving space that allows for your growth and true inner reflection. I also joined her Business Witchery group to get clear insight and wisdom from Jenn and her extensive business experience. It is crazy affordable and worth every penny! I have even been able to start up a new business venture with her inspiration and cheering me on! If you are feeling like you gravitate to magic, but want to do it your unique way, the Wayward Witch is your path!

Stephanie F.

I’m so grateful for Jenn and The Wayward Witch Community! I love having a like-minded and supportive group of women to chat with about all things magical and witchy. Honestly, this is a rare find and an incredible opportunity to explore all the areas of self development through the mystical and magical. In addition to Jenn’s AMAZING courses included in The Wayward Witch Membership, she leads us on lots of LIVE magical journeys where we connect for monthly rituals, women’s circles, manifesting and abundance activations, and energy healing sessions. She always has something fun and exciting planned for us! Jenn is also my phenomenal, soul-aligned business mentor and coach in the Wayward Witch, Business Witchery Membership. I seriously don’t know what I would do without her encouragement and guidance. She is always there for me when I inevitably dip into self-doubt or shadow or need feedback on something I’m working on. Because Jenn is highly intuitive, deeply connected to spirit, and an energy healer, she has the ability to deliver the messages you need to hear in the most direct and loving way. I always look forward to our monthly Business Witchery group calls because they are full of inspiration and help me feel connected to others who are on soul-aligned business journeys like me. My Kitchen Witch Energy Shift course creation is on fire since working with Jenn in the Business Witchery Membership and as a result of her 1:1 coaching. I’ve never felt so aligned in my life and business before. If you’re looking to add some magic to your everyday or activate your soul-aligned business goals, look no further than The Wayward Witch Academy!

Michelle B

Holy cow guys. I had a clarity call about myself and my business with The Wayward Witch Co. . You all should book her calendar full. There were so many insights and the length and quality of the call was sooo XTREME 🙂 I loved it so much and feel so Intune with myself now. I had good intentions about it but she overdelivered so much. I am now obsessed even more and plan on filling all her days with me, haha. At the end of the call I was so tempted to ask if she wanted to move in with my family so I could have 24/7 wisdom. Anyways if you are on the fence about booking a chat with her, go for it. No regrets at all and tons of insights