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Looking to take your Manifesting and Empowerment work deeper?

I invite you to join me in my check out the details of transformative Abundance Reset & Mastery Immersion Program (an on-going membership/mastermind program without a year's worth of membership fees!) 

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Empower Your Life & Mind

Welcome to the Boss Babe Your Life Mini-Course. 
This course has been created and designed to:

  • Give you an introduction and a  blueprint of empowerment tools. 
  • To help you realize just how much power, magic, and ability you truly already have within you. 
  • Guide you on the steps required to begin consciously creating your reality, and experiencing abundance in all areas of life. 
  • Share with you all of the tools I used to navigate my anxiety and take charge back over my own energy field and experiences. 
  • Share the energy of absolute transformation with you. 

Transformation is REAL. 
And it is AVAILABLE to anyone who CHOOSES it. 

The Boss Babe Your Life workshop was created after a journey of finding and embodying my own inner boss babe!

My journey started with wanting and desperately needing to change my life and experiences, and having absolutely no idea how. So, I went on a quest to find those answers. 
And that's when I was led down the path of manifesting.

Which then led me down my witchy path. 
And when I STILL wasn't feeling better, I eventually I stumbled on the topic of shadow work.

I went on an intensive shadow work journey with a couple of soul sisters, and we showed up (and still continue to this day!) for that work every single day.

For the past few years I have been teaching shadow work to my clients and students- but with my Wayward Twist of course.

Which basically just means I teach everything in such a way that it can be perfectly tailored toward what is best for YOU. So much boss babe freedom in that already, right?!

 After a couple years of deep shadow work, I finally started to experience my "Mind, Body, Soul Glow Up". This program is a combination of things I learned and embodied to really prepare for stepping into some major next level versions of myself!

 I can not wait for you to dive into the content here. 
It will no doubt give you the next empowerment piece along your journey!

 If you are new to my tribe, allow me to officially introduce myself!

My name is Jenn, an intuitive, medium, and the head Magic Maker at The Wayward Witch Co.

I specialize in energetic and emotional release, shadow work, manifesting, and coaching & mentoring clients as they release their abundance blocks, and find their inner empowerment and confidence so they can create and build a life they are absolutely in love with!

 I traveled that journey to clearing my shadows, finding my empowerment, and then becoming a boss at manifesting. The transformation is SO real, and the natural next step was for me to share it with the world!

This Mini Course includes: 
Six Video Trainings 
Follow up printable Soul Work Pages
63 Page eBook 


 See you inside the community!