Shadow Work Tool Kit

Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate”- Carl Jung 


I am so excited to share my Shadow Work Toolbox with you! 
This has been years in the making and combines years worth of self-development, shadow work training and experience, certifications and educating myself, and working with all different kinds of clients, coaches, healers, and intuitives. 

I will share all of my shadow work tools, tips, tricks, and activities. 

The best part is that this isn't just a Shadow Work program. You will also be developing your Intuition, and getting into Quantum Healing along the journey with me! 


"Shadow work is the process of exploring the conscious and subconscious, becoming aware of, understanding, loving, and accepting ALL parts of ourselves. 
It is a journey of emotional and energetic release and forgiveness. 
A process of retrieving all aspects of your soul that you left behind any time you felt you needed to hide your shadows, or were not fully accepting of your own self, and putting those pieces back together to become one magical, healed, soul aligned whole being."
 - Jenn Neal, Wayward Witch Co.

Why do we do Shadow Work? 

Although shadow work can be a serious and tough process, here are some reminders of how expansive this journey will be. 

  • You will no longer have to hide parts of yourself
  • You will learn to fully love and accept yourself for all that you are
  • You will no longer need to carry unnecessary emotion or trauma around with you
  • You will find your relationships with self and others will become healthier
  • You will find it easier to take more inspired action
  • You will find yourself stepping into soul alignment, and beginning to manifest all sorts of wonderful things, all showing up in aligned ways. 
  • You will find your magic!

I have spent the past seven years on a deep dive shadow work journey. 

And I can tell you, I am not the same person who entered this journey. 

Life has changed in the most unimaginable ways. Truly.

Things have manifested for me that I never thought would be possible for me before shadow work.  

I went from broke, angry, depressed, and heart broken to abundant, centered, open to the love that's all around me, and strong! 

I know if I can do it, you can do it to. 

But you've got to put in the work. Shadow Work is an on-going journey. The deeper you are willing to look, the more aligned you become. 

The tools given in this Shadow Work Tool Kit will only work for you if you go to work with them. 

Use them everyday. Integrate them into your daily life and routine. 

Some of the tools in this toolbox may seem outside the box.
That is by design.
Some of these tools are designed to be pattern disrupters. They were created to interrupt your unconscious programming to help you code new programs and operating procedures. 

Try them on! I dare you!  

I have worked with every single tool in the Shadow Work Toolbox and have experienced a shift with all of them. That is why I included them in the toolbox. I only include things I have found to be impactful to my own shadow work empowerment and healing journey! 

So..try them on! Don't skip out. 

If you are feeling called to skip over something, I will encourage you to really ask yourself why you feel like skipping over some of the tools or not implementing them. Sometimes your ego will create a distraction or self-sabotage when you are about to up-level and step out of the comfort zone. 
Other times it just may not be the tool for you. But I really want you to try them all on (more than once) for a little while. And I will also be teaching you how to discern and intuitive if something just isn't for you. 

Remember, this isn't just a shadow work class, you will be developing your Intuition, and getting into Quantum Healing along the journey with me! 

I will continue to ask you throughout the training videos to try them all one. Monitor for shifts, and then make them your own! 

Do this work consistently and I can guarantee you will start to see so many shifts in your life, your relationships, your health, the way you care for yourself, and even your finances! 


 This self-study shadow work toolbox will help you explore:

What Is Shadow Work? 
Doing healing, clearing, & forgiveness Work. 
Looking at Patterns & Conditioning. 
Uncovering the Lies & Self Talk.
Identifying Hidden Beliefs. 
Emotional Awareness Tips. 
Healthy Living
Guided Meditation
Emotional Release
Energetic Release
Akashic Clearing
Q&A Sessions

This program/toolkit contains: 

  • Over 20+ tools, tips, tricks and activities all designed to help you work through your shadow work
  • A 5-20 minute video training to accompany each tool.  
  • Printable Workbooks
  • Guided Worksheets. 
  • Activities. 


Sneak Peek at the comprehensive accompanying guidebook: 

Program Start Date:

 This is a self-study, self-paced program. You will be given immediate access to the entire tool kit upon sign up! 

If you have other programs or courses from me, you will be able to find the Tool Box in your online dashboard and in the Kajabi app! 



Feel free to reach out to me anytime during your shadow work journey with any questions, or if you just need some support or insight! 

You will also be able to comment and ask questions under each section and tool, and others can interact with those comments as well.  

If there is enough interaction and questions, I will be happy to put a Shadow Work Support private group together! 


I can't wait to show you all the tools that helped me release my old traumas, conditioning, programs, and lack and build a solid, empowered, and aligned new foundation! 

It is one of my greatest joys to help others find the way to their own intuition, empowerment, and healing. 


Refund Policy:

All of the content for this program is  available on the front end, and because of this I do not offer refunds for this program.
If for any reason you are not getting the results you thought you would, no problem, let's connect so you can show me the work you've done. If you've done what I've asked and it's not working, let's work out a solution together. 


See you on the inside. If you stick with me and show up for this work, your life will never be the same! In the best ways! 



$111.00 USD

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