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Past Life Reading & Ancestral Healing Session

Ever find yourself repeating unwanted patterns, loops, or behaviors and wish it could change? 
Do you have a family pattern of lack or limitation? 
Feel like you have tried many different ways to change this pattern, but it still keeps coming back? 

Consider trying an Intuitive Past Life Reading and Ancestral Healing Session. 

Sometimes when we find ourselves repeating a family pattern of lack or poverty, or unable to overcome fears, or limitations. We feel like we've tried everything to improve it but it just keeps coming back to haunt us.

If this resonates,  it could be a past life or ancestral pattern repeating itself once more. 
Believe it or not, these patterns can be healed, cleared, and stopped! 

And when you break the cycle and clear for yourself, you are liberating both those that came before you, and those that will come after you. 
Your ancestors WILL step forward to do this work with you. 

I set the intention with ancestors and guides that if this session will facilitate a great healing or pattern interrupt for you, to put it in your path. 
If you are feeling called to this session, there is very likely a reason and your ancestors and passed loved ones are likely already co-creating with both you and I to begin doing this work. 

A great part of my client base is made up of the the wayward souls, the rule breakers, the pattern disrupters, and the ones who are in fact here to heal the family line. 
I am simply here to bridge the gap and make that experience easier for you and in a very supportive container. 

With experience in Akashic Reading, Akashic Healing, Ancestral Healing, Mediumship, Intuitive Reading, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, and Life Coaching, I have combined it all to create very powerful and accelerated healing and magic making containers. 

I can help you identify past life and ancestral patterns, loops, and limitations that are still playing out and limiting you in your current life. 

This Session Includes: 
An Intuitive Past Life Card Reading
Live 35 minute session via zoom. 
Guided Akashic Clearing & Ancestral Healing. 

Together we will discuss current life patterns, concerns or limitations that you seek to re-pattern. 
I will facilitate a guided meditation to your Akashic Records, we will find the link to the pattern in your past lives, and we will call your ancestors forward to clear the cords and contractions, and close out this repeated timeline or pattern. 

I am available for follow up questions after your session. My support is always on-going as long as you feel called to work with me in this magical space where ANYTHING is possible! 

Why I facilitate and offer these healings: 
First and foremost, your spirit squads knock on my door daily! 
I have put the desire out there to do this type of soul work, and ancestors and spirits line right up! I have a metaphoric waiting room of spirit just waiting to reach their people. I offered, and spirit took me up on that offer. So here we are! 
(But really I LOVE what I do! Doing this work, empowering others, helping them find their magic, their healing, and their confidence is one of my highest joys. 
It's not just a business, it is our soul work!) 

But also, Ancestral healing and Akashic work were the foundation to my magic making journey.
I was once a very lost soul, lacking any hope, and waking up dreading each and everyday. I was in perpetual victim mode and living with a lack mindset. 
Through shadow work, building my mediumship and intuition, learning to work with my Akashic Records and Ancestors for cutting cords, contracts, and closing out timelines have all completely transformed my life. 
I have found my joy, my magic, my intuition and now live a life I am in love with! 
For all those lost and wayward souls out there, I see you, I am you, and I desire to help you find your own magic and healing! 

In this space you are honored, seen, heard, and understood. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to make sure this session is a good fit for you! I am happy to answer questions. 
[email protected] 

I am looking forward to seeing you inside our session. 


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