Distant Intuitive Healing Session.

Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit


I am here to help those at all levels of their healing, manifesting, and spiritual journey, from beginner to seasoned healer. 

Whether you are working on your own personal healing or building your own soul-led business, my mission is to help you keep the energy clear for conscious creation, empowerment, and manifestation. 

I have a unique ability to see into your energy field and find the abundance blocks, the traumas, the stuck energy, and the beliefs that are holding you back. 


Do you often feel like there may be something more out there than what you are currently experiencing? 
Ready to start releasing limitations or old beliefs and discover a higher level of soul alignment? 

Maybe you are at one of these places in life, and don’t know what to believe, or who to trust.  

I’ve got you! I will show you how to find your confidence and inner power so you can always lean into YOUR truth and how you can find those answers within yourself.  

Maybe you are starting your Spiritual journey, and overwhelmed with all the things? 

I’ve been there, I totally get it! There is so much information out there! 

I share an alternative way- the Wayward Way- which, essentially means I will teach you:

  • How to step in your power as a mystic, healer, & magic maker. 
  • How to find what works for you.
  • How to have confidence to leave behind what does not resonate with you. 

I will show you how to create a magical practice that is tailored specifically for you, and is aligned with your joys, your truths, your ideology, and how you like to practice your magic.


Perhaps you feel like you’ve done some shadow work and healing, and you are still not feeling better?

 I can definitely help with that too. I have been and continue to always be immersed in shadow work. 

I know what it feels like to do what you feel is a lot of healing, but then you still don’t seem to feel better, you are still looping on that thing.

Together we can dive into your Akashic records, cords and contracts, any energetic or emotional blocks in your body, pull messages from your guides and ancestors, and by the time we are done with our session you will feel like you got a nice jump start towards more magic and enlightenment and less feeling stuck.




As an intuitive and medium, I always have help from the spirit realm during one on one sessions. 

Sometimes your ancestors or loved ones will show up.

Sometimes it will be animal spirit showing up to support you.

Sometimes it's your highest aligned self I am communicating with.

And sometimes it's other guides from other places. 

Whoever shows up, will be bringing with them powerful messages as you heal, expand, find your magic, or start your soul aligned business. 

I create a safe and clear container of the highest light, and only work with spirit who is here for our highest good. 


 Healing sessions are completely tailored to each individual's needs, goals, energy, & requirements, so there is no one size fits all method I follow for a session. 

However, here are some things you can likely expect to have happen during your session: 

  • Quantum Intuitive Energy Healing
  • Intuitive multidimensional clearing and integrative practice
  • Accessing & clearing Akashic Timelines & Ancestral Loops
  • Mediumship communicating with ancestors, loved ones on the other side, other spirit & animal guides
  • Healing and calling back soul fragments
  • Cutting cords & contracts
  • Emotional trauma healing or release
  • Empowerment Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Manifestation Coaching
  • Training on accessing your own internal compass, truth, & intuition
  • Intuitive Card Readings 

At the end of each session I will usually send you off with: 

  • Actions steps to continue your healing & Magic Making Journey
  • Guided worksheets or journal prompts to provide extra support in the weeks that follow our session
  • On-going guidance and an email address to contact me with any questions or awareness that pop up following our session. I am obsessed with your progress (my whole purpose for being here) and I always want to provide continued support and hear how everything is transpiring for you. 
  • I often will receive intuitive guidance on what kind of correspondence will support you and how to use it. Sometimes that may come in the form of a certain herb, oil, incense, or crystal to use. Sometimes I receive guidance for a full on Sacred Bath ritual. Sometimes I may send you off on a little quest into nature for some intuitive writing. The guidance given differs from person to person. I intuitively tap in to each person individually and your guide team will show me exactly what to recommend. It really is a truly magical experience! 
  • Anything else that may come up for you! As each session is completely intuitively tailored to you, I never know what is going to come up during a session, but I can tell you it will always be an expansive, empowering, healing, & magical experience each and every session! 


A bit more about me. 
My name is Jenn and I am a business owner, magic maker, certified soul shift energy healer, medium, life coach, and shadow work practitioner, spiritual guide, and self proclaimed wayward witch. 

I work to incorporate my magic and knowledge into my everyday life, in real time… at work, at the grocery store, with strangers, in my yard, taking a hike, traveling, etc.

I stir self-awareness & self-empowerment into all my magic and teachings. 

Working with me, you will get both the love and nurturing you need, as well as the loving butt-kick to get you well on your way to self-empowerment and living a life of magic abundance, and wholeness! 

We often carry around with us so much trauma from past and present lives, and so much unnecessary emotional baggage that blocks us from living the life of our dreams.

What if I told you that you CAN clear out emotions, traumas, heartbreaks, sadness, disappointment, guilt, and all the other garbage we trick ourselves into believing we deserve to feel! 

Why wouldn't we allow ourselves to clear all the crap and make room for new energy that we can use to shape the life we always dreamed of? 

Is it easy? No definitely not. 

Does it require a commitment to yourself? Yes it sure does

Is it all love and light? Don't we all wish.

Is it going to be emotional? It certainly can be. But you are supported, remember that.  

Shadow work is not for the faint of heart. But it is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself. 

The emotions, thoughts, and feelings you most want to keep stuffed down deep will always come back to wreak havoc until you accept them for what they are, clear any triggers, and integrate proudly ALL that is you.

Once you learn to do this, you will begin seeing the most amazing and magical changes start showing up in your life.

The more work you are willing to put in, the more magic you are going to be able to manifest. 

 I have studied, created, and applied to my own life many healing modalities to release us from that which no longer serves us.

The only reason we don't have more of what we want in life is because most of us have built a brick fortress of emotional baggage around our manifesting abilities. 
We limit our dreams, abundance, opportunity and joys, and we don't invest in ourselves like we should. 


One on One sessions include: 

  • One hour one on one session via live video chat. Once you reserve your session an email will be sent to you with my availability, and we can schedule your session during a time that works for you. 
  • Check in /follow up via email.
  • We will work together to identify the feelings, memories, and emotions that are negatively impacting you the most, dig out the lessons, and heal the emotional energy and trauma tied to it. Then we will look at how to move forward.
  • I can guide you to cut energetic cords that no longer serve you to give you some more of your own space back. This will also help clear trigger reactions when dealing with the people the cords are attached to. 
  • We will discuss practical actions you can take to continue to clear anything that is not serving your greatest good.


I don't have a set method as to what healing protocol to use.

The reason for this is because I work on a case by case basis allowing intuitive guidance to come through and tailor the required healing to each individual client.

Sometimes it may require a healing protocol I use often, and sometimes the situation will call for something new and completely tailored specifically to your journey!  

I can't wait to work with you on your healing and magic making journey. 
Finding my own healing, empowerment, and magic has been such a life changing journey. 
I lived a life of depression and no joy, and now I co-create magic everyday to live a life I absolutely love! 

Lets work together to get you to the same magical space. 



Don't just take my word for it! See what other's have to say about working together.

Truly I could not be happier with this experience. Thank you so much .

I feel open after Jenn's session yesterday. That got my a** in gear. That was very supportive. It was such welcomed and received support. And I feel like I can move the energy through and out, and it doesn't get stuck. The energy healing session felt like being in a warm sauna.


Holy cow guys. I had a clarity call about myself and my business with The Wayward Witch Co. . You all should book her calendar full. There were so many insights and the length and quality of the call was sooo XTREME 🙂 I loved it so much and feel so Intune with myself now. I had good intentions about it but she overdelivered so much. I am now obsessed even more and plan on filling all her days with me, haha. At the end of the call I was so tempted to ask if she wanted to move in with my family so I could have 24/7 wisdom. Anyways if you are on the fence about booking a chat with her, go for it. No regrets at all and tons of insights.


Jenn offers amazing intuitive guidance and holds a loving space that allows for your growth and true inner reflection.


Jenn is open to what is coming through and that she tries not to filter so that the reading is accurate. Her readings follow the soul's desire as well, they will bring much information to your journey, and not useless ones like Uncle Bob likes jelly sandwiches kinda deal :). She is the perfect messenger for those that want to connect in a loving and grounded way. Jenn is a real medium that is here to serve your soul..

Stephanie F.

Thank you so much for this gift. I really do feel it is a gift.


Thank you so much for a fantastic connection. You are just pure magic and it's wonderful. Some of the things in the reading are dead on and things I have heard growing up.


I feel so supported and blessed. Thank you. It means a lot.

Loved my reading. Jenn is so warm, kind, generous and just authentic. I can't believe I found her. I look forward to contacting her for many more readings as when I read hers, I can feel her warmth and generosity. I highly recommend her.


First off. I just started crying after reading the first three sentences of her reading. I just. Didn't expect the things she wrote. I'm semi-skeptic about some things and was nervous about wanting too much from this reading, but it was so soul-filling and nourishing in a way I wasn't expecting. She mentioned a brooch that my grandma always wears and a book that was dedicated to my grandma. My Grandma and Aunt have major Laverne & Shirley vibes, so hearing that come through was hilarious and encouraging. There were other things shared about love and encouragement to show up as my truest self and that they are different now on the other side and that felt really healing. The way Jenn delivers readings as well is clear and helpful and Jenn is engaging with any questions. I've always been blown away by Jenn's offerings and this far exceeded my expectations. I feel a deep sense of peace after receiving my reading and am deeply grateful to Jenn.

A.S. - Mediumship Reading

I am doing the work. And it helps so much. I’m so grateful for you and this group! Thank you for holding space and for the energy.


Because Jenn is highly intuitive, deeply connected to spirit, and an energy healer, she has the ability to deliver the messages you need to hear in the most direct and loving way.

Michelle B

At the time of the mediumship reading I was preparing myself to head out on a nomadic journey and completely rebuild my life. The messages that came through were astonishing, and it was like receiving support directly from my uncle AND grandpa, since they both decided to come through. I could hear my uncle's voice as I was reading. I could feel his energy, and even now when I go back and read it again it's just as impactful, if not more so. The guidance that Jenn was able to tap into and write has a life of its own and rings at a soul level. I have always felt this about Jenn's work - I felt from my very first Oracle reading with her 4 years ago that she has a special gift. If you are receptive to truth - both the easy and the ugly - if you are seeking activations to help push you to your next level; to be open to both your light and your shadow; if you are ready to hear what you don't want to hear; if you seek connection to yourself, spirit, and a wonderful and loving support group, look no further. Our journeys are ultimately our own, but it is so much more beautiful when you have a Spirit Tribe that helps illuminate things when you go dark. Gratitude, Jenn!!


I love this group, all the classes and support from The Wayward Magick Academy and am a loyal supporter of the containers of wisdom created here, teaching us to grow our magic from the ground up, from within. I am no blind follower, yet I find myself standing amongst spiritual elite here and follow willingly, with eyes wide open.

Academy Member, Women's Circle

$125.00 USD