Manifestation and Magic


 Fed up with the constant struggle, wondering if your dream life will ever be more than just a distant fantasy?

 If you find yourself tirelessly working towards manifesting your dream life, yet feeling like it's always out of reach, you're not alone. Despite dedicated efforts, many experience the frustration of falling short in their manifestation journey. With a vast majority facing similar challenges, it's evident that our approach needs a shift. This manifestation membership is designed to do just that. Through engaging lessons for your mind, spirit, and energy, you'll discover how to break free from the limitations and connect with the powerful manifestor within.

Because your dream life is worth every intentional effort!


Your Journey to Manifest Your Dream Life Starts Here.

Start your transformative journey with like-minded manifestors in our exclusive Manifestation Membership. Here, you'll find the community, guidance, and tools to manifest your dream life and create a strong manifestation foundation. 

Join me in a space filled with potential and possibility - made real by the power that dwells within each one of us.





-Connect with a like-minded community focused on manifesting dreams.

-Stay focused on your manifestation journey.

-Build a sustainable manifestation foundation to withstand life's challenges.

-Clear blocks, lift limitations, and let in more possibility.

-Receive intuitive insights to aid your manifestations.

-Understand your pure potential to manifest a life you love.

-Be inspired and empowered to chase your dreams and desires.

It's all too easy to fall off the manifestation train when life's everyday challenges come your way. The hustle, the stress, the distractions—it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle to stay committed to manifesting your dreams.
That's where our Manifestation Membership comes in.
We understand the common struggle of maintaining focus and commitment when life gets chaotic. Our solution?
Immersion and community.
When you surround yourself with like-minded individuals, you elevate your manifestation energy.
The collective support, inspiration, and shared experiences make your journey not only easier but also more effective.
Join us in this transformative community and discover the power of immersion. Together, we'll build the unshakable foundation you need to manifest your dream life. This is your space for growth, connection, and manifestation. Don't navigate this journey alone—let's rise together.


 Intuitive Coaching: Our guidance is tailored to your unique energy and coding. No one-size-fits-all approach here.

Personalized Manifestation: We help you create your individual manifestation process that aligns with your energy, experiences, desires, and beliefs.

 Comprehensive Approach: We acknowledge that manifestation is both magical and grounded in real-life factors such as trauma, wounding, programming, and psychology.

  Real-Life & Magic: We address both the practical and mystical aspects of manifestation, allowing you to manifest through both realms.

  Sustainable Lifestyle: We focus on building sustainable manifestation practices that continuously create more of what you love.



  • Regular Immersion Videos.
  • Energy & Abundance Block Clearings.
  • Abundance Activations & Guided Meditations.  
  • Group Manifestation Rituals.  
  • Live Coaching Calls.  
  • Printable Content: Workbooks, Journals, and Guided Worksheets. 
  • Bonus Content: Human Design Manifestation Workshop, Book Clubs, and more.  
  • Private Community: Share your journey, ask questions, and connect with fellow manifestors. 
  • Intuitive Coaching: Receive personalized insights and feedback. 




In the world of manifestation, participation isn't just encouraged; it's essential. Manifesting your dreams requires more than just wishful thinking—it demands active involvement.

  • Immersion: Our Manifestation Membership thrives on the energy you bring to the community. The more you participate, engage, and share, the more you'll gain from the experience. Active participation is the key to unlocking the maximum benefits of this transformative journey.

  • Elevate Your Manifestation: When you engage with fellow manifestors, share your insights, ask questions, and contribute to discussions, you elevate the collective manifestation energy. Your involvement is the catalyst for growth, clarity, and inspired action.

  • Your Journey: This is your journey, and your active participation ensures you make the most of it. Whether you seek clarity, support, or transformation, your presence in our community matters. Together, we create a space where dreams become reality.

  • Join us in this immersive manifestation experience, and together, we'll amplify the magic of manifesting. Let's manifest our dreams, one active step at a time.



She brings a unique blend of corporate experience and intuition to help you thrive in both your personal and business life.

Jenn's expertise in corporate consulting, finance, and marketing, along with her entrepreneurial experience, allows her to provide clear guidance towards your goals.


"As a Manifestation Coach, and someone who is obsessed with manifesting a dream life personally, I dive deeper than most people into the world of manifestation.
I try ALL the things on. I find the flaws, and I find the power tools.
And I made manifestation a lifestyle. It's not just something I do or learn about, I live and breathe manifestation and conscious creation.

I continued to dive deeper and deeper and deeper into the subject.

I found the power moves, and the weaknesses within all the manifestation teachings out there.

 I saw the energetic abundance blocks, & the ancestral loops when it comes to money and abundance. 

I go beyond what you see in everyday life, and stepped into the Quantum and have done a lot of healing around money and abundance here too. 

I take an intuitive, holistic, individualized approach when it comes to manifestation. 

I believe a solid foundation is important if you want to be a master manifestor. 

After taking this journey for myself....

I began to manifest things like:

  • Relationships
  • Business Growth
  • Job Opportunities
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Money as if by Magic
  • Getting treated like a VIP everywhere I go
  • Weight Loss
  • Self-Love
  • Vitality
  • Peace
  • Laughter
  • Creativity
  • Connection" 




"Jenn from Wayward Witch Co is more than a manifestation coach; she's a brilliant guide on the often confusing path of entrepreneurship. Her insights and manifestation wisdom have helped me turn obstacles into stepping stones on my entrepreneurial journey."

"Jenn's coaching is like having a spiritual mentor who knows how to align your intentions with the universe's flow. With her by your side, you’ll find the guidance to turn your dreams into reality and infuse your businesses with the magic it deserves."

"I've seen a profound shift in my mindset and manifestation abilities since joining Jenn's community. Her intuitive coaching has brought clarity to my manifestations, and I'm living a life I love. This space is truly transformative!"



Like the Human Design Manifestation Workshop and Guidebook. 





  • MANIFESTATION & WEALTH MINDSET WORKBOOK - A guided workbook normally saved exclusively for my Abundance Reset & Mastery students walking you through the frame work to identify abundance blocks, release them, step into bravery, and start creating and manifesting your dream life.  


  • 30 DAY MANIFESTATION JOURNAL - A guided 30 day journey designed to help you identify what is not working, what you truly desire, and how to start creating the pathways for the manifestations   


  • THE MONEY ABUNDANCE JOURNAL - A journal for people wanting to change their mindset around money. 


  • MONEY & MANIFESTING SPELLS & RITUALS - A 61 page  book of Money & Manifesting spells, rituals, correspondence, & divination. 




Join Our Manifestation Tribe Today! 
$7 Monthly Membership (Cancel anytime if you decide this is not the space for you.) 


Whatever you want in your day to day life- you can manifest that into your reality.

Does that always mean things go exactly how you wanted to expected them too? No; and that is another really important peace about manifestation that a lot of people don’t talk about.


After the last eight years of fully immersing myself in the topic of manifestation, it has become a lifestyle, and it has worked again and again to change my reality and life.

That is why I teach and talk about manifestation so much.

Not because it’s a trendy topic or over-used catch phrase that will get your attention.

Because manifestation is real.

Because you are doing it every moment of the day anyway, and will keep doing so. You might as well do it consciously and with intent.

And where does all the manifestation power reside?

It’s in your mindset.

THAT is what manifestation is really about. It’s not actually all just “woo”.


I invite you to step into the space of "Anything Is Possible"

 I have gone from a lack and victim mindset to abundantly empowered. I have redesigned life to be on my terms, and continue to rewrite that story all the time! 

I have manifested so many amazing things, and it's always a natural next step for me to share the transformation with others. 





1. Q: How often are live coaching calls held, and can I access recordings if I miss them? 
- A: Live coaching calls are held monthly and sometimes weekly, and yes, recordings will always be available inside your membership portal for members to revisit or catch up on missed sessions.

2. Q: Is this membership suitable for beginners in manifestation, or is it more advanced?
- A: This membership is designed for individuals at all levels of manifestation experience. Whether you're new to manifestation or looking to deepen your practice, you'll find valuable insights and support tailored to your journey.

3. Q: What kind of content can I expect in the monthly bonus offerings?
- A: Monthly bonuses include a variety of content, such as exclusive workshops, printable materials like workbooks and journals, and occasional special events like book clubs or themed manifestation sessions.

4. Q: How interactive is the private community, and will I receive personalized guidance?
- A: This is a brand new private community, but my intention is for this to be an engaging and highly interactive group, providing a space for members to share experiences, ask questions, and connect. Active participation increases the likelihood of receiving intuitive insights and feedback from the coach.

5. Q: What if I decide this membership is not be for?
- A: Although I am confident there is something here for just about anyone, you can cancel your membership at any time. No questions asked. If you decide this isn't the space for you, feel free to cancel anytime or reach out to me at [email protected] and I can help you! 

6. Q: What if I have questions or feedback?
- A: This is your membership too and I am always open to feedback and questions! If you don't want to post in the private group, you can reach out to me anytime at [email protected]



Don't just take my word for it! See what other's have to say about working together.

If you ever find yourself in need of intuitive advice and manifestation guidance, Jenn at Wayward Witch Co is the one to turn to. With her by your side, you’ll find the guidance to turn your dreams into reality and infuse your businesses with the magic it deserves.

Jenn's coaching is like having a spiritual mentor who knows how to align your intentions with the universe's flow. She understands and lights the way on the journey between intention and manifestation.

Her insights and manifestation wisdom have helped me turn obstacles into stepping stones on my entrepreneurial journey.

When I was struggling with some manifestation challenges with my small, creative business, I turned to Wayward Witch Co and Jennifer Neal. Jenn's guidance has been amazing. She has a knack for tapping into the unseen energies and providing guidance that is alight with magic.

Jenn from Wayward Witch Co is more than a manifestation coach; she's a brilliant guide on the often confusing path of entrepreneurship.

I love this group, all the classes and support from The Wayward Magick Academy and am a loyal supporter of the containers of wisdom created here, teaching us to grow our magic from the ground up, from within. I am no blind follower, yet I find myself standing amongst spiritual elite here and follow willingly, with eyes wide open.

Working with Jenn as a business coach was already amazing. She kept prompting me to have a pamphlet or handout with my services and I put it off because I didn’t feel creative enough to do it well. I asked Jenn if she could provide this service and, not surprising, she did a fantastic job! She used language from my site, gave me many options to choose from and was fast with the delivery! If you are looking for a business coach AND help with your promotional material, Jenn is your woman!

At the time of the mediumship reading I was preparing myself to head out on a nomadic journey and completely rebuild my life. The messages that came through were astonishing, and it was like receiving support directly from my uncle AND grandpa, since they both decided to come through. I could hear my uncle's voice as I was reading. I could feel his energy, and even now when I go back and read it again it's just as impactful, if not more so. The guidance that Jenn was able to tap into and write has a life of its own and rings at a soul level. I have always felt this about Jenn's work - I felt from my very first Oracle reading with her 4 years ago that she has a special gift. If you are receptive to truth - both the easy and the ugly - if you are seeking activations to help push you to your next level; to be open to both your light and your shadow; if you are ready to hear what you don't want to hear; if you seek connection to yourself, spirit, and a wonderful and loving support group, look no further. Our journeys are ultimately our own, but it is so much more beautiful when you have a Spirit Tribe that helps illuminate things when you go dark. Gratitude, Jenn!!


Because Jenn is highly intuitive, deeply connected to spirit, and an energy healer, she has the ability to deliver the messages you need to hear in the most direct and loving way.

Michelle B

Truly I could not be happier with this experience. Thank you so much.

I am doing the work. And it helps so much. I’m so grateful for you and this group! Thank you for holding space and for the energy.


First off. I just started crying after reading the first three sentences of her reading. I just. Didn't expect the things she wrote. I'm semi-skeptic about some things and was nervous about wanting too much from this reading, but it was so soul-filling and nourishing in a way I wasn't expecting. She mentioned a brooch that my grandma always wears and a book that was dedicated to my grandma. My Grandma and Aunt have major Laverne & Shirley vibes, so hearing that come through was hilarious and encouraging. There were other things shared about love and encouragement to show up as my truest self and that they are different now on the other side and that felt really healing. The way Jenn delivers readings as well is clear and helpful and Jenn is engaging with any questions. I've always been blown away by Jenn's offerings and this far exceeded my expectations. I feel a deep sense of peace after receiving my reading and am deeply grateful to Jenn.


Loved my reading. Jenn is so warm, kind, generous and just authentic. I can't believe I found her. I look forward to contacting her for many more readings as when I read hers, I can feel her warmth and generosity. I highly recommend her.


I feel so supported and blessed. Thank you. It means a lot.


Thank you so much for this gift. I really do feel it is a gift.


Jenn is open to what is coming through and that she tries not to filter so that the reading is accurate. Her readings follow the soul's desire as well, they will bring much information to your journey, and not useless ones like Uncle Bob likes jelly sandwiches kinda deal :). She is the perfect messenger for those that want to connect in a loving and grounded way. Jenn is a real medium that is here to serve your soul..


Jenn offers amazing intuitive guidance and holds a loving space that allows for your growth and true inner reflection.


Holy cow guys. I had a clarity call about myself and my business with The Wayward Witch Co. . You all should book her calendar full. There were so many insights and the length and quality of the call was sooo XTREME 🙂 I loved it so much and feel so Intune with myself now. I had good intentions about it but she overdelivered so much. I am now obsessed even more and plan on filling all her days with me, haha. At the end of the call I was so tempted to ask if she wanted to move in with my family so I could have 24/7 wisdom. Anyways if you are on the fence about booking a chat with her, go for it. No regrets at all and tons of insights.


I feel open after Jenn's session yesterday. That got my a** in gear. That was very supportive. It was such welcomed and received support. And I feel like I can move the energy through and out, and it doesn't get stuck. The energy healing session felt like being in a warm sauna.


$7.00 USD

Every month

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Would you like to take this work even deeper, and experience even more transformation & magic? 

Inside The Wayward Magick Spiritual Development Academy you will find a wealth of magic, community, empowerment and information. We cover topics like Energy Healing, Shadow Work, Mediumship, Intuition Building, & all things Magic. 
We have an entire library full of reference guides, training videos, and courses all intentionally curated for those seeking HEALING, SPIRIT, MAGIC, ABUNDANCE, SOUL- ALIGNED COMMUNITY, SISTERHOOD,& SUPPORT.



🔮Monthly Spiritual and Self Development Live Book Clubs:  We will be hosting book club going through all of our magical workbooks and guidebooks together! Workbooks will be available, but not required!

🔮Live Monthly Guided Meditations, Activations, & Energy Healings.  


🔮 Live Monthly Group Ritual. Ritual Kits will be available, but not required!