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Chakra Healing & Clearing Workshop

CHAKRA means Wheel Of Energy. 
The 7 major Chakras are the doorways of Life Force Energy.

They are Conscious Centers that transform energy and interface between the dense physical world of the 5 senses and the subtle worlds of pure consciousness.

They allow us to experience all of the different levels of the cosmos. 

The Chakras are outside the body and are invisible vortices that resonate to different frequencies and then sense and distribute the life force energy the physical body as many different emotions, sensations, and thoughts. 

Have you been wanting to learn more about the Chakra Energy points, how to detect if there is a blockage, how to clear, and keep them aligned? 

If so, then check out this SEVEN PART self-paced workshop where we will be taking a deep dive into the Chakra System.  

In this workshop we will be covering all of the Chakras and everything related to them.
In this Workshop you will learn:
Chakra Assessment- How to tell when there is a blockage or problem
Chakra Healing & Energy Movement
Activating Energy Flow
Emotional Connections
Emotional Release
Prime Function
Divine Principle 
Physical property & Anatomical Connections
You will receive a Mantra for Each Chakra
And an Activation for Each Chakra 

We will also dive deep into the Correspondence for each Chakra (as they can be influenced through the use of this correspondence)-
Tarot Associations 
Archetype Association 
Rune Associations 
Essential Oils

Each week you will be studying a new Chakra and there will be easy to digest pre-recorded trainings, information sheets, printable pages, activations & mantras released per Chakra.

You will have on-going access to an online portal where you can watch all of the training videos, download any of the printable content, and listen to the activations. 

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