Unleashing Your Inner Fire: Harnessing Mars as Your Manifestation Guide

As I continue on my journey as a student of the stars and seasoned manifestation coach, I find myself delving into various realms of knowledge to enhance my understanding of the manifestation process.

From exploring energy work and mediumship to diving into human design, astrology, tarot, and crystal healing, I uncover hidden gems that support the manifestation of my dreams.

My exploration extends all the way from the human world, to the spirit world, all the way to the celestial realm, where I seek manifestation insights from astrology and planetary archetypes.

It's no surprise that my focus remains on extracting valuable manifestation tools and wisdom from these cosmic energies.


An archetype is a universally recognized symbol, pattern, or concept that represents a fundamental aspect of human experience.

In manifestation work, archetypes serve as powerful guides or templates that we can align with to amplify our intentions and manifest our desires.



To work with archetypes in manifestation, we first identify the specific archetype or archetypes that resonate with our goals or desires.

This could be an astrological archetype, such as the energy of a zodiac sign or planetary influence, or a symbolic archetype, such as those found in the tarot or mythology.

Once we have identified the relevant archetype, we immerse ourselves in its energy and symbolism through meditation, visualization, or ritual practices.

This may involve studying the qualities and characteristics associated with the archetype, connecting with its imagery or symbolism, and embodying its essence in our thoughts, words, and actions.

By aligning with the energy of the archetype, we tap into its inherent power and wisdom, allowing it to guide and support us on our manifestation journey.

We may call upon the archetype for inspiration, guidance, or assistance in overcoming obstacles or challenges that arise along the way.

Working with archetypes in manifestation allows us to access deeper layers of our subconscious mind, where our true desires and potential reside.

By embodying the qualities and characteristics of a chosen archetype, we activate corresponding energies within ourselves and align with the universal forces that support our intentions.

Ultimately, the key to effective manifestation with archetypes lies in cultivating a deep connection and resonance with the chosen archetype, allowing its energy to flow through us and shape our reality in alignment with our highest intentions and desires.



Since we are in Aries Season as I write this, lets talk about working with the associated planet of Mars as a Manifestation Guide. 

NOTE: You can work with archetypal energy and guidance at anytime. You do not have to be in Aries season to work with the Archetype of Mars. You can work with this Archetype anytime you need a dose of Mars energy to help with your manifestation work! 


Here are three ways to work with the archetype of the planet associated with Aries, which is Mars, as a manifestation guide:

Embody the Warrior Spirit: Mars is often associated with courage, assertiveness, and action. To work with the archetype of Mars, embrace the warrior spirit within yourself. Channel the energy of Mars by taking bold and decisive action towards your goals. Step out of your comfort zone, confront challenges head-on, and assert your boundaries with confidence. Visualize yourself as a fearless warrior, charging forward with determination and resilience.


Harness the Power of Visualization: Mars is also linked to passion, desire, and motivation. Use visualization techniques to harness the fiery energy of Mars and fuel your manifestations. Close your eyes and visualize yourself achieving your goals with unwavering determination and drive. See yourself overcoming obstacles, breaking through barriers, and claiming victory. Engage all your senses in the visualization process, immersing yourself in the experience of success and triumph.



Tap into Martian Rituals: Mars is associated with rituals and practices that invoke its energy for strength and protection. Incorporate Mars-themed rituals into your manifestation practice to amplify your intentions. This could include activities such as working with red candles, wearing or carrying crystals like garnet or bloodstone, practicing martial arts or vigorous exercise, or engaging in activities that ignite your passion and zest for life. Create your own rituals that resonate with the warrior spirit of Mars and use them to empower your manifestations.


Inside The Wayward Magick Academy we are going on quite the journey working with all the Planetary Archetypes as our manifestation guides.

These guides will help us to access deep insight and inner wisdom, helping us to become the ultimate manifestation masters.

Through experiential guided meditations and activations, to workshops, guidebooks, crystal magic, herbal magic, and candle magic we will go on a journey of accessing manifestation insight and wisdom from each planetary archetype as our own personal guides. 

I can not WAIT to go on this journey! 

Learn more and join us HERE:  https://www.waywardwitchco.com/waywardwitchlibrary



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