Healing with Archangels: Unlocking Divine Energies for Transformation

Welcome to a journey where celestial energies intertwine with earthly souls, where the divine touches the mundane, and where healing manifests through the benevolent guidance of the Archangels.

In this sacred space, we'll explore the unique healing energies each Archangel brings, their corresponding colors, symbols, and how you can work with them in your healing journey.

The Archangels have been a huge part of my work as an Energy Healer as well as in my own personal healing work.

They have been in session with me for pretty much any energy healing I have ever done for another soul.
If you received an energy session from me, you received it from the Archangels as well.
When I was first starting out on my own personal healing journey, I found the energy of Angels to be one of the easiest, most natural, and most loving and supportive energy and spirit to connect with. 

Almost ten years later, they are still a part of my everyday work as a healer and a human. 

Archangel Michael: The Protector

As the guardian of the spiritual realm, Archangel Michael brings forth the power of protection and courage. His aura is imbued with royal blue, symbolizing strength, clarity, and divine guidance. Michael's presence resonates with the Root and Throat chakra, empowering one to speak their truth and release fear. Call upon Michael for shielding from negative energies and assistance in making courageous decisions.



Archangel Raphael: The Healer

With emerald green hues surrounding him, Archangel Raphael embodies the healing vibrations of love and compassion. His symbol, the caduceus, represents the balance between healing energies. Raphael's energy offers profound emotional and physical healing. Invite Raphael into your life for healing on all levels, from ailments of the body to wounds of the soul.



Archangel Gabriel: The Messenger

Cloaked in a gentle shade of pure white, Archangel Gabriel serves as the divine messenger, illuminating the path of spiritual growth and transformation. The symbol of Gabriel, the trumpet, heralds new beginnings and revelations. Gabriel's energy resonates with the sacral chakra, inspiring creativity and clear communication. Connect with Gabriel to receive guidance on your soul's purpose and to nurture your creative endeavors.



Archangel Uriel: The Illuminator

Radiating with the golden glow of wisdom and enlightenment, Archangel Uriel illuminates the path of divine knowledge and insight. His symbol, the flame, represents the eternal flame of truth burning within each soul. Uriel's energy helps to empower one to embrace their inner wisdom and personal power. Call upon Uriel to gain clarity in decision-making and to ignite the spark of enlightenment within.




Archangel Jophiel: The Beautifier

Surrounded by a soft pink light, Archangel Jophiel brings the energies of beauty, joy, and inner peace. Her symbol, the rose, signifies love and spiritual nourishment. Jophiel's energy helps with  facilitating connection with higher realms and enhancing spiritual awareness. Invite Jophiel into your life to experience the beauty and harmony present in every moment.




Archangel Chamuel: The Comforter

Enveloped in a soothing shade of pale green, Archangel Chamuel emanates energies of compassion, comfort, and inner peace. His symbol, the heart, symbolizes unconditional love and emotional healing. Chamuel's energy offers solace in times of grief and nurturing the bonds of love and forgiveness. Call upon Chamuel to bring harmony and healing to your relationships and to cultivate a deep sense of inner peace



Archangel Metatron: The Guide

Surrounded by a vibrant violet light, Archangel Metatron serves as the bridge between the earthly and celestial realms, guiding souls along their spiritual journey. His symbol, the cube, represents the building blocks of the universe and the structure of creation. Metatron's energy resonates with the crown chakra, facilitating divine connection and spiritual evolution. Connect with Metatron to access higher wisdom and to align with your soul's purpose.




Connecting with the Archangels.

Set Your Intention: Before connecting with the Archangels, set your intention to invite their healing energies into your life.

Create Sacred Space: Find a quiet space where you can relax and focus your mind.

Visualize: Envision a beam of light descending from the heavens, carrying the presence of the Archangel you wish to connect with.

Invoke: Silently or aloud, call upon the Archangel by name, expressing your desire for their guidance and healing. You can imagine their color or symbol as well.

Open Your Heart: Allow yourself to receive the loving energies of the Archangel, trusting in their wisdom and divine intervention.

Express Gratitude: After your connection, express gratitude to the Archangel for their presence and assistance.



Other Ways to Connect with the Archangels.

Meditation: Enter a meditative state and invite the Archangels to join you in your practice. There are some wonderful guided meditations on YouTube for connecting with the Archangels. 

Prayer: Offer prayers to the Archangels, expressing your intentions and seeking their guidance.

Angel Cards: Use angel oracle cards to receive messages and guidance from the Archangels.
(Fun memory- My husband  [then very new boyfriend] surprised me and bought me my very first Angel and Oracle deck when he saw me eyeballing them in a shop when we were on a trip to Sedona, about eight years ago!)

Nature: Spend time in nature, connecting with the elements and the divine presence of the Archangels in the natural world.


How Do I Know When I Am Connecting with an Archangel?

When you are connecting with an Archangel, you may experience sensations such as tingling, warmth, or a feeling of lightness.

You may feel an overwhelming sensation of love, acceptance, of feeling seen. 

You may also receive messages or insights through thoughts, feelings, or synchronicities in your external environment.

Trust your intuition and the signs the Archangels send you, knowing that they are always present to support and guide you on your journey.

May the healing energies of the Archangels surround you with love, light, and divine guidance as you walk the path of spiritual growth and transformation. 


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