Navigating Grief: Harnessing the Power of Energy Work for Healing and Transformation

In the depths of grief, the pain we feel is not just emotional; it permeates our very being, echoing in our hearts, bones, and blood.

It's a tangible ache that seems to have no end.

But amidst the darkness, there is a tool that can help alleviate some of the weight we carry: energy work.

Having experienced profound losses myself, I understand the heaviness that grief brings.

When my stepfather, who was every bit a father to me, passed away, and then later when my Dad departed, I was thrust into a world of deep sorrow.

It was during this journey that I discovered the profound impact of energetic cords on an even deeper level.

Energetic cords are the ties that bind us to the people, experiences, memories, and places in our lives.

They are the unseen threads that connect us to those we love, even after they have transitioned from this earthly plane.

It was through this understanding that I began to comprehend the physical pain in my heart after my father's passing.

Guided by the...

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Healing with Archangels: Unlocking Divine Energies for Transformation

Welcome to a journey where celestial energies intertwine with earthly souls, where the divine touches the mundane, and where healing manifests through the benevolent guidance of the Archangels.

In this sacred space, we'll explore the unique healing energies each Archangel brings, their corresponding colors, symbols, and how you can work with them in your healing journey.

The Archangels have been a huge part of my work as an Energy Healer as well as in my own personal healing work.

They have been in session with me for pretty much any energy healing I have ever done for another soul.
If you received an energy session from me, you received it from the Archangels as well.
When I was first starting out on my own personal healing journey, I found the energy of Angels to be one of the easiest, most natural, and most loving and supportive energy and spirit to connect with. 

Almost ten years later, they are still a part of my everyday work as a healer and a...
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Unlocking Abundance: How Your Energy Shapes Your Wealth

Let us delve into the intricate connection between your energy and the manifestation of wealth in your life.

As a Manifestation Coach and Energy Healer, I've witnessed the profound impact our energy can have on creating (or clearing) abundance blocks.

What is an abundance block? 

An abundance block refers to a psychological or energetic barrier that hinders the flow of abundance, prosperity, or success into one's life. These blocks are often rooted in negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, unprocessed emotions, and past experiences.

Understanding how these blocks get trapped in our energy involves recognizing the intricate interplay between our thoughts, emotions, and energetic vibrations.

Abundance blocks get trapped in our energy through a continuous feedback loop.

Negative thoughts and beliefs contribute to imbalances in our energetic field, which, in turn, attract circumstances and experiences that validate those thoughts and beliefs.

Breaking this cycle involves...

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Working With Crystals For Chronic Pain- Bloodstone

I have been studying crystal healing off and on for the past six years. 

At the start of my journey I began to study crystal healing because "that's what witches do." 

I didn't really get it at first. 

I loved crystals- but I didn't really feel anything from them all that often. 

However, as I continued my healing and spiritual journey I learned more and more about energy, frequency, record keepers, and the unseen. 

I began "seeing" and reading energy everywhere, and in everything. 

I learned to channel- including channeling with my crystals and stones. 

I established a much deeper connection with my tools, and the medicine and messaging they bring. 

I have been suffering from chronic 24/7 back pain for the past eight years or so. 
Most days we are at about an 8 on the pain scale. 
There is generally not a moment that goes by where I am not feeling the pain. 

I pursued the route of modern medicine a few years...

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