Wealth Consciousness: The Power of Presence in Manifestation

"Everything happens NOW.
You remember your past: Now.
You dream your future: Now.
When you were actually in your past, it was still: Now.
At that point in the past, if someone were to ask you what you were doing now, it would still be: Now.
You work toward your future: Now.
You will get to your future: Now.
You will live in your future: Now.
You are always Here, Now. You cannot Be anywhere else.
Being, Is-ness, is only: Now.
There is nothing you can do in any other moment except: Now. Try it. Do something yesterday or tomorrow night right now.
You can only Be and Do: Now."

~ A Happy Pocket Full Of Money, by David Cameron Gikandi 

As a manifestation coach, I often emphasize the significance of mindset in manifesting abundance.

But there's a crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed: the power of being present.

Becoming more present is not just a relaxation technique; it's a manifestation power move. And as I am going through some major life changes, I must learn...

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Understanding Wealth Consciousness: A Pathway to Sustainable Abundance

 “You do not need to know how to convert wealth consciousness into paper money; as you will see, it will happen automatically. All you need to do is expand your wealth consciousness and exercise it, act on it, be it, and the situations and opportunities for the equivalent conversion into cash will present themselves automatically to you."

~ A Happy Pocket Full of Money, by David Cameron Gikandi. 

This means that expanding your wealth consciousness and acting on it naturally leads to opportunities and situations that convert this consciousness into tangible wealth.


When it comes to manifesting wealth, many people focus on the external actions—strategies, investments, or business moves.

However, the true foundation of lasting abundance lies in something deeper and often overlooked: wealth consciousness.

As a manifestation coach, I believe it’s crucial to start with mindset work when aiming to manifest anything significant. In this blog, we’ll...

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Superpowers & Self-Awareness














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The Art of Showing Up for Yourself: A Journey to Manifestation Mastery

In the intricate journey of manifestation, one component stands out—your commitment to showing up for yourself.

This journey begins with a profound realization: the power to manifest your dream life lies within your ability to prioritize and honor your own growth and desires.


The Challenge of Starting: When You Don't Know How
Initiating the journey of showing up for yourself can be daunting, especially when you're unsure where to start. It's not just about adopting basic self-care practices but about understanding the psychological barriers that hinder our commitment to personal growth. Acknowledge the fear of the unknown, the comfort of staying in familiar patterns, and the narratives that tell you that you are not worthy of the life you desire.


The Psychology Behind Self-Abandonment
Why do so many of us struggle to show up for ourselves?

The psychology of self-abandonment often stems from deep-rooted beliefs and conditioning. Society's expectations, past...

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Unlocking Abundance: How Your Energy Shapes Your Wealth

Let us delve into the intricate connection between your energy and the manifestation of wealth in your life.

As a Manifestation Coach and Energy Healer, I've witnessed the profound impact our energy can have on creating (or clearing) abundance blocks.

What is an abundance block? 

An abundance block refers to a psychological or energetic barrier that hinders the flow of abundance, prosperity, or success into one's life. These blocks are often rooted in negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, unprocessed emotions, and past experiences.

Understanding how these blocks get trapped in our energy involves recognizing the intricate interplay between our thoughts, emotions, and energetic vibrations.

Abundance blocks get trapped in our energy through a continuous feedback loop.

Negative thoughts and beliefs contribute to imbalances in our energetic field, which, in turn, attract circumstances and experiences that validate those thoughts and beliefs.

Breaking this cycle involves...

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When You Manifest The "Wrong" Thing....



Have you ever manifested something, then decided it's not what you really want? Maybe even ends up being the total opposite of what you what? 

When I see this happen, people often feel like they are unable to make "the right" decision (present company included) and they end up sticking around a situation a little too long.

Guilt, self-judgement, lack of faith, fear- all the makings for some serious blocked energy btw. 


The line of thinking is usually something like: "I manifested it, I better stick it out." 
Or if it's happened a time or two (or twenty) before, you might also think something like: "I manifest what I want, and then I don't want it. I can't trust myself to make decisions anymore." 


But if we zoom way out and we tune into the higher perspective- there was still a reason, a code, a lesson, a download, a perspective shift, available to you within that manifestation you created. 

To keep the manifestation...

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Down The Manifesting Rabbit Hole We Go

I just received a nice little download from spirit the moment I sat down to do some reality writing/manifesting.

The information in this blog contains some of the downloads, mindset work, and information from spirit (my manifesting guides as I like to call them) from the last year or two. 

If you are ready to think a little deeper, a little bigger, and get some new perspective read on! I go down these manifesting rabbit holes often, and I always find them to be quite transformative and abundant! 


A I was writing about my dream life, I was thinking about the subconscious fears we carry when it comes to major up-levels in our life. The fears that come up when we think about those really big dreams. The dreams and goals that feel so unattainable, even though we can't help but continue to want it anyway.
The dreams that sometimes have you feeling trapped because you want it so bad, but it feels so far off. So unavailable. 

But you just can't stop...

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