Wealth Consciousness: The Power of Presence in Manifestation

"Everything happens NOW.
You remember your past: Now.
You dream your future: Now.
When you were actually in your past, it was still: Now.
At that point in the past, if someone were to ask you what you were doing now, it would still be: Now.
You work toward your future: Now.
You will get to your future: Now.
You will live in your future: Now.
You are always Here, Now. You cannot Be anywhere else.
Being, Is-ness, is only: Now.
There is nothing you can do in any other moment except: Now. Try it. Do something yesterday or tomorrow night right now.
You can only Be and Do: Now."

~ A Happy Pocket Full Of Money, by David Cameron Gikandi 

As a manifestation coach, I often emphasize the significance of mindset in manifesting abundance.

But there's a crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed: the power of being present.

Becoming more present is not just a relaxation technique; it's a manifestation power move. And as I am going through some major life changes, I must learn...

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Do any of you struggle with presence?

I know I certainly have.
I can't tell you how many days I've wished away hoping for better ones to come. Years worth of days.

However, this is something I've recently really been focused and working on. I had no clue what presence looked or felt like. I really had to immerse myself in some great content, and start trying these concepts on.

The embodiment of presence is a big layer. I know presence has a big piece of the pie when it comes to manifestation, and feeling happiness, and joy.

There is also a line to dance between dreaming and envisioning your desires, but also being able to pull the frequency of those desires into the present with you, and begin to enjoy them now.

I have been doing an in depth exploration of the ideology that the only time that truly exists is now.

There is nothing we can do in any other moment but now.

We can not go back and fix the past, (although we certainly can clear out the cords and emotional triggers from...

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"Embrace the In-between"

I was feeling very ceremonious before today's Women's Circle.

Before Circle I chose a specific candle to work with, or rather it chose me. It's not a scent I really like all that much, but was definitely calling my attention.
Then a specific oil called to me (my Sacred Circle Blend- which I ended up not really connecting with after I made it, until today.)
I also felt compelled to pull a card for the group. It was a nice compliment to some of the intentions we had already previously set for today's circle.
I thought this to be a really beautiful reminder that many of us could really use right now.

Let me know if this message resonates with you. 

π…π‹π€πŒπˆππ†πŽ π’ππˆπ‘πˆπ“
"πΈπ‘šπ‘π‘Ÿπ‘Žπ‘π‘’ π‘‘β„Žπ‘’ 𝑖𝑛-𝑏𝑒𝑑𝑀𝑒𝑒𝑛"
Balance comes easily to Flamingo Spirit, who sees what was and what will be and stands strong in the face of uncertainty. You can be informed by what came before and plan for a future yet to be, but do not resist Flamingo Spirit’s call to be fully present in the now, where the real magic...

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