Unlocking Your Manifestation Potential: The Crucial Step Everyone Misses

Are You Truly Ready to Receive Your Manifestation?

Manifestation is a buzzword that’s gained immense popularity, yet one crucial aspect is often overlooked: the readiness to receive your manifestation.

Imagine you've done the work, set your intentions, and even managed to bring your desires into your reality.



This question delves deeper than typical discussions about manifesting and requires an exploration of mindset, worthiness, and personal growth.

 This is a lesson I am currently learning as we uproot our lives, leave all of our comforts and stability, and walk into the unknown.

I am very clearly seeing where I still hold shadow. Where old patterns still fight their way to come out. 

And if I don't do something about that ASAP- I could very easily kill the manifestation.

This is especially important for those that are not aware of when their shadows and limiting beliefs start coming out to play as they begin to up level. This means the self-sabotage...

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Superpowers & Self-Awareness














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Navigating Life's Storms with Shadow Work: A Journey to Abundance and Soul Alignment

Life's journey is often tumultuous, with unexpected storms and challenging moments that can knock us off our feet.

Yet, it's during these times of adversity that our ability to manifest and stay aligned with our desires becomes even more crucial.

As someone who has weathered their fair share of storms, I can attest to the power of maintaining a manifestation mindset even in the face of life's toughest trials.

In the past couple of years, I've endured profound losses, heartbreaks, and moments of intense fear and stress. From the passing of beloved family members to frightening accidents involving my son, and significant changes in my familial relationships, I've traversed through what felt like an endless series of hardships. It's in these moments of darkness that I am always reminded of the transformative potential of shadow work.

Shadow work, often overlooked in the realm of personal development, is a powerful practice that involves delving into the depths of our subconscious...

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The Path of The Spider-Manifestation

The Wayward Witch
The Path of The Spider-Manifestation

The Path of The Spider
Conscious Creation- Building the magical life we TRULY desire.
An Animal Spirit & Archetype to work with for Manifestation


Key Energy:  Creativity & The Weaving Of Fate  


Spider first started coming into my awareness about two years ago when Tracey and I were doing Animal Spirit Readings. 

We were pulling spider as one of the animal messengers for almost every single person who signed up for a reading! 

The message of being a conscious creator and weaving your own reality came up reading after reading. 


I have invited spider to be a part of my totem ever since. 


Do I like spiders in real life? No I do not. I try to make nice with them as best I can, because I truly do appreciate them as a messenger and as an archetype of a Reality Weaver. 


You can find some fascinating lore about the spider. In India Spider is associated with the weaver of illusion. (This makes me think of the...

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The Path of The Raven- Shadow Work & Shadow Mastery

The Wayward Witch
The Path of The Raven- Shadow Work & Shadow Mastery

The Path of The Raven
An Animal Spirit & Archetype to work with for Shadow Work & Shadow Mastery

Healing, Clearing, Awareness, & Empowerment…shape shifting. 

 Shapeshifting and Creation are two key energies of Raven Medicine. 

And that is exactly what begins to happen as you learn to integrate and master your shadow. 

You are literally shape shifting into something else, and through that shift, you begin to create an entirely new reality. 

First the work happens energetically and in the Akash. 

Then you start to experience all sorts of synchronicities happening in your physical and spiritual worlds.
You will find people changing their responses and their behaviors towards you.
Abundance starts to drop into your life, while other things start to drop out.

You become this “new” person.
You release yourself from trauma and limitations.
You walk away from patterns of abuse or conditioning.
You begin to see which relationships...

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Shadow Work Tool #8.

Something I encourage all.the.time.

The Sacred Pause will change your life. In many ways.

Want to know how to listen to your intuition more?
How to make decisions that keep you in alignment more?
How to show up as the most soul aligned version of self?
How to engage in conflict in an empowered way?
How to step into self mastery and control your emotions? 

All the time. Take as many of these as you need. This is your permission slip to give yourself just a moment. (What I really want to say here is, "give yourself just a damn second for crying out loud!") 

And how do we do that?
How do we suddenly make this kind of space for ourselves when we've not done so before? 

Simple. (Yet, sometimes mindfulness is not so simple, because we are human and we sometimes forget!) 
Create a grounding technique. A tool or process that gives you just a second to breath, to tap in energetically and intuitively, and to think things...

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Sometimes It's Love And Light. Sometimes It's Rage & Sadness.

The Wayward Witch
Sometimes It's Love And Light. Sometimes It's Rage & Sadness.

Shadow Work & Witchcraft aren’t going to cure your depression.
But it will help you understand it, sit with it, prepare for it, alchemize it, manifest with it. 

All the tools in your healing tool kit may not ever really “cure” it.
Manifesting, having all the money, time, and resources in the world also won’t make depression or anxiety magically go away for good.

You see, while we are spirit and soul, we are also humans, here to have human experiences. 


That means we cycle through the emotional wheel. We have ups and downs.

Sometimes it’s love and light, sometimes it’s rage and sadness.  

I turned my life around. I manifested a wonderful relationship, friends,community,  self-confidence, travels, investments, a business I love, money, weight loss, self-love, and more. I am pretty damn good at manifesting when I put my mind to it, if I do say so. 


I went from being miserable in every aspect of life,...

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YOU HAVE THE KEY- A channeled message and activation from spirit.

The Wayward Witch
YOU HAVE THE KEY- A channeled message and activation from spirit.

A channeled message and activation from a team of spirit, including my Grandpa who is one of my most favorite spirit allies! He  seems to show up at just the right time when you need a loving butt kick or activation.  

You can listen to the message in the included audio, or you can ready the activation below if that's more your style. (I get a lot of activation from the written word, and maybe some of you do too!). 


You are not stuck like you think you are. 

Just how you put so much effort into your survival, why do you not put that same discipline, practice, energy, and effort into thriving? 

It's a transfer of energy. 
It's a transfer of focus. 

Look out your current life window. 

Observe yourself now. 

What do you see? 

What do you feel when you wake up in the morning? 
Where do your thoughts go?
When you are getting ready, setting the tone for the day- what is that tone? 
When you are commuting to work,...

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Ready for the third  ingredient to my manifesting potion?
This is another main ingredient, and works side by side with Manifesting Tip #2- POSSIBILITY.  



Specifically sanctuary of the mind. (Hint: Bringing the tools together, when we start to become intentional with our thought and energy currency, and we start to  bring in possibility for our manifestations, we are already beginning to grid sanctuary space). 


If you want to boost and accelerate your manifestations, creating a sanctuary in your mind is a sure way to do that. 


To create sanctuary of mind means to: 


  • Do the shadow work around anything standing in the way of allowing the manifestation to take place. Common shadows will be around abundance, deservingness, receiving, possibility. 
  • Step into faith (and re-step into it again and again) that your manifestation is not only possible and available, but is already...
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Want to know another ingredient to my manifesting potion?
This is a main ingredient, or the potion will not work properly.
If the world is images and thoughts of our mind manifested- that means we must have thoughts of possibility in our mind and project them out.
In other words, if you aren’t allowing for possibility for the thing you wish to manifest, it has very little chance to manifest into physical reality.

Let’s say you are manifesting a job change or a new relationship, but your most dominant and recurring thoughts are things like:
“I’m never going to be able to leave this job. I have no idea how this is possible? I am too afraid to leave this job. I’m too old/inexperienced/tired/not enough to have my dream job.”
“I’m never going to meet a good partner. I have never had a good relationship and probably never will. It’s so hard to meet someone. I am so lonely. I don’t love myself, but want to find...
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