Sunday Manifestation Rituals: Setting the Tone for Your Week

Sundays aren't just for winding down; they're also the perfect time to set intentions and align your energy for the week ahead. Which is SO important to do. 

If you don't take control of your week and your mindset, it WILL take control of you. 

Incorporating manifestation rituals into your Sunday routine can powerfully enhance your manifestation journey and set the stage for success.


Why these rituals are so important and how they can elevate both your week and your manifestation practice:

Setting Intentions: Sunday manifestation rituals allow you to set clear intentions for the upcoming week. By consciously deciding what you want to manifest, you're sending a powerful message to the universe about your desires. This clarity helps to focus your energy and attention on what truly matters to you.


Aligning Your Energy: Taking time on Sundays to engage in manifestation rituals helps to align your energy with your goals and desires. By connecting with your inner...

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There is a reason...

The Wayward Witch
There is a reason...

There is a reason why I have my dream business. 

There is a reason why I have the relationship I had always dreamed of.

There is a reason why I have a vacation home in one of my most favorite places.

There is a reason why I get moved to the front of the line at a tire shop when there is a three hour wait. 

There is a reason I get to pick my dog up from the vet by 11am when I was previously told it would be a 1pm-5pm window. 

There is a reason why my home is filled with peace, love, and laughter. 

There is a reason why I get everything I want. 


It's not because I am lucky... in fact eight years ago I would be saying the complete opposite.

I've sat during the 3 hour wait only to get shitty service or for something to turn out wrong.

I went through a relationship that was not the dream.

I worked at jobs that were the exact opposite of the dream. 

I also do not have these experiences because I come from privilege.

My family has had their...

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Shadow Work Tool #8.

Something I encourage all.the.time.

The Sacred Pause will change your life. In many ways.

Want to know how to listen to your intuition more?
How to make decisions that keep you in alignment more?
How to show up as the most soul aligned version of self?
How to engage in conflict in an empowered way?
How to step into self mastery and control your emotions? 

All the time. Take as many of these as you need. This is your permission slip to give yourself just a moment. (What I really want to say here is, "give yourself just a damn second for crying out loud!") 

And how do we do that?
How do we suddenly make this kind of space for ourselves when we've not done so before? 

Simple. (Yet, sometimes mindfulness is not so simple, because we are human and we sometimes forget!) 
Create a grounding technique. A tool or process that gives you just a second to breath, to tap in energetically and intuitively, and to think things...

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If you are just trying to manifest money, and you aren't tuning in deeper to your truest desires, then you are going to find it difficult to manifest more money.

But, if you are willing to put some time and energy into tuning into what you TRULY desire to FEEL from all this money- then you will find your manifestations come to you much more effortlessly, and in such divine ways.


What feelings are you trying to buy with this manifestation of money?


Keep digging past all the "don't wants", all the lack you are trying to buy your way out of, and don't stop until you strike gold in the form of discovering your soul desires.

Is this sometimes a journey? Yes 

However, it's a very important part of the journey that a lot of us try to skip, by just defaulting to ask for more money.

"If I have more money, I can just buy my way to happiness."


If there is no desire behind the manifestation, then it's going...

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Pattern Interrupt Protocol

Do you have a pattern interrupt process when you are trying to shift energy, moods, patterns, or behaviors? 

A pattern interrupt is often required when we are working on releasing the programmed neuropathways tied to the shadows we are working to alchemize. 

The first step is shadow work. 

The next step is to understand that a reprogramming may be in order. 

Although we may have done our shadow work, some of our thoughtforms, beliefs, and behaviors have been present for so long that they become programmed into our being. They become part of the neuropathway and operating procedure. And much of the time we don't even realize it has become our nature. 
The thoughts/beliefs are just so automatic at this point, we don't even recognize it. That is why I am always talking about how important it is to investigate our daily routines, our day to day thoughts, and our to-do lists. Things become so programmed into our being, we go about it in more of a...

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