Sunday Manifestation Rituals: Setting the Tone for Your Week

Sundays aren't just for winding down; they're also the perfect time to set intentions and align your energy for the week ahead. Which is SO important to do. 

If you don't take control of your week and your mindset, it WILL take control of you. 

Incorporating manifestation rituals into your Sunday routine can powerfully enhance your manifestation journey and set the stage for success.


Why these rituals are so important and how they can elevate both your week and your manifestation practice:

Setting Intentions: Sunday manifestation rituals allow you to set clear intentions for the upcoming week. By consciously deciding what you want to manifest, you're sending a powerful message to the universe about your desires. This clarity helps to focus your energy and attention on what truly matters to you.


Aligning Your Energy: Taking time on Sundays to engage in manifestation rituals helps to align your energy with your goals and desires. By connecting with your inner...

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An Open Christmas Letter For My Fellow Wayward Souls

“My Peace Is More Important.”

Your new holiday mantra.

This is an open letter and a permission slip to all my fellow wayward souls this winter season...

If there’s anything you don’t want to do, any amount you don’t want to spend, any tradition you are done carrying forward, anything that makes you feel restricted during the holidays rather than uplifted- 
This is your permission slip and reminder…Your inner peace is more important.
If you are fighting against the current of change this year, let it be different. It's OK if your holidays look different. Change = Experience, Growth, Newness. 
For the past few years I have been witnessing people become stressed, sad, disappointed, overwhelmed, and tired during the holiday season. 

We wait all year to take time off.
To spend time with family.
To celebrate in a big way.
So we try to cram all that celebrating and expectation into a few weeks at the end of the year, when...
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If you want the magic, you have to go find it or create it.

I had this message drop in, and then felt urged to share it.

“If you want the magic, you have to go f***ing find it or create it.” (and yes, the F word WAS included in this drop in message!)

Sometimes things do and will happen for us “as if by magic.”
But, if you are looking for that lasting, tangible magic- that’s going to be on you to create.  

The journey to magic requires inner work, shadow work, energy work, and body work.

You know- the whole Mind, Body, Soul thing?

It can feel like a daunting task, being at the very bottom of the magic mountain.

It’s really easy for people to say, “I don’t have time for that, it’s too much.”
And then these same people go on to live life on autopilot on the outside, and prisoners of their own mind on the inside. 
Why? Because they still desire the f*&^ing magic, that is why.

I know this because I was one of those people. And now I work with many of those people to...

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A Day In The Life Of A Wayward Witch

I posted in my group today about how I was reflecting on my day, and I felt compelled to expand on it and share a message of hope, a message of choosing YOU, and of keeping your soul desires at the forefront of your intentions. 

A day in the life of a Wayward Witch...(and keep in mind for later, that five years ago none of this was my reality!).
Magic moments from my day today: 

  • For the first few hours of the day I did a bunch of random things that felt good to do, whatever I wanted in each moment- I worked on some content for my beloved Monthly Magic Membership, I worked on some info for the upcoming Intuition Building Workshop, had some coffee, chilled with the puppy (the one that ate my Tarot cards yesterday!)...there may or may not have been an early morning nap in there as well. 
  • Later on in the day I identified someone's walk in and opened up the invitation for it to be removed from their energy field.
  • I helped someone clear an attachment and cut some...
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When The Little Things Feel Like Big Things

"It's the little things."
I am sure you have heard the sentiment before. Possibly even experienced the meaning firsthand. 

As I continue on my manifestation up-level journey, deepening my relationship with gratitude has been a beautiful part of that. 

I am not just stating 'I am so grateful', and I am not just writing how grateful I am in my journal. I am embodying more gratitude. I feel it. (It feels amazing when that gratitude comes straight from the heart and soul!) 

It's no secret that I desire to experience big amazing things in this life, (and I hope you have soul aligned dreams too). I have been on the other side, experiencing anything and everything I did not want, but for the past few years I have been traveling a journey of flipping that script completely! 

Sometimes I can tend to over focus on those great big goals.
I am sure you have been there before too. 
When that happens, there is so much around me that I miss.
There are SO many "little"...

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Sedona Medicine

When we were in Sedona for our Healing Retreat last month I bought a unique locally designed Oracle Deck. This deck has a really special energy to it, and I just knew it wanted to work with me to bring sacred Earth and Animal messages. 

I have been asking my guide team every day how I can best show up and serve my tribe right now during such unprecedented times. Often I will feel called to post motivational, uplifting, or thought provoking content. Other times I am called to create printed material and free guidebooks, or host a few free circles. But today's message feels really special. Especially since I have been calling in deeper relationships and magic working with Earth, plant, animal, and spirit energies. 

Today the Sedona Oracle deck was sitting to the left of me on my desk, and kept drawing my attention on and off throughout the day.

I finally picked it up and where I normally will shuffle before picking a card, I felt drawn to spread them all out on my desk....

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