Unlocking the Akashic Records: Manifestation and Living Your Dream Life


The notion that we need to heal our past lives to feel whole in this life might seem absurd at first glance. I understand the skepticism; I, too, had my doubts.

However, after witnessing profound shifts in my own life and the lives of many clients and associates, I’ve come to embrace the transformative power of working with the Akashic Records.

This journey into the Akashic Records can sound mystical, even fantastical. At times, I hesitate to speak about it openly, reserving these discussions for private sessions with those who are ready to explore the depths of their soul’s journey.

But as a spirit-led individual, when spirit leads, I listen. 
I've had the nudge to talk more about healing with the Akashic Records, and then came a series of synchronicities that I just couldn't overlook. 

So here we are. 
Let's talk about it! 


One of the most common questions (and fears) I hear when people are learning about the Akashic Records is: ...

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Harnessing the Power of Patchouli: A Guide to Manifestation, Transformation, and Healing

Do you ever work with plant spirits in your manifestation and healing work?

Patchouli is just calling me home right now!!!
I am obsessed with the celestial oil blend I made for our Planetary Alchemy Series inside the Academy.


If you find  yourself seeking to tap into the potent energies of nature to facilitate manifestation, transformation, and healing in your life, look no further than patchouli, a revered plant spirit known for its profound abilities to catalyze change and growth on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels.

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) has long been revered in various cultures for its rich, earthy aroma and its multifaceted healing properties.


Here's how you can work with patchouli as a plant spirit to manifest your desires, facilitate transformation, and promote healing:



Patchouli is a powerful ally for manifestation work, helping to bring your intentions into fruition.

Its earthy scent is deeply grounding, anchoring your...

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Superpowers & Self-Awareness














To immerse yourself in a lifestyle of manifestation and magic, join us inside the M&M Membership for just $7! https://www.waywardwitchco.com/offers/y3tyJZon

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What they don’t tell you about becoming a healer, doing your shadow work, and manifesting a different life…



As you begin to learn more about your shadow self,  and you start to release limitations, patterns, fears, and old binds, you become more empowered.
You set more boundaries.
You start to experience more abundance.
You learn about self-mastery.
You start to live intentionally, intuitively, and you begin to consciously create your world, while others around you are sticking to what they’ve always known/done. Whether they are happy doing it or not. 


And if you go on to be a healer, intuitive, or magic maker of any kind, you start to pay more attention to what’s going on in the unseen world. You follow the energy while others follow the news, the collective, or what’s been conditioned in them. 


You become the proverbial black sheep. 


Healers can feel like they suddenly become a mismatch with many of the people and situations around them. 


You shake the foundation of the family/group dynamic.
It triggers things...

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The Path of The Raven- Shadow Work & Shadow Mastery

The Wayward Witch
The Path of The Raven- Shadow Work & Shadow Mastery

The Path of The Raven
An Animal Spirit & Archetype to work with for Shadow Work & Shadow Mastery

Healing, Clearing, Awareness, & Empowerment…shape shifting. 

 Shapeshifting and Creation are two key energies of Raven Medicine. 

And that is exactly what begins to happen as you learn to integrate and master your shadow. 

You are literally shape shifting into something else, and through that shift, you begin to create an entirely new reality. 

First the work happens energetically and in the Akash. 

Then you start to experience all sorts of synchronicities happening in your physical and spiritual worlds.
You will find people changing their responses and their behaviors towards you.
Abundance starts to drop into your life, while other things start to drop out.

You become this “new” person.
You release yourself from trauma and limitations.
You walk away from patterns of abuse or conditioning.
You begin to see which relationships...

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Grief - A Message From Spirit

 What can I say about grief? 

There are no words that can adequately quantify what grief really is. And there is no one  that can fully explain it to us, as we all have our own experiences with grief. 

The grief I want to talk about today is the grief we must endure when a loved one passes away. 

I’ve been watching grief flood in all around us these past few years, including into my own heart.

I hold space as I watch it fill the crevices and dark empty places of our hearts, our minds, our energy fields, and then it takes over all the light places too.  

Grief is so heavy and wraps so tightly around our hearts, our lungs, our stomachs, our throats, our shoulders, and our souls. 

 And the hardest part about grief is you can’t do much to cure it other than sit with it, and slowly learn to navigate what life is without our loved one. 


Story Time...I cried today.
Over the weekend my boyfriend and I were driving...

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I was sitting at home the other night, it was around 12:15AM, and I was half asleep waiting for my son to get home for the night.
Something all of the sudden didn’t feel right to me.
I knew it involved my son, and I was interpreting it as him having some sort of accident. (This was an intuitive feeling, different than the regular worry that comes along with being the Mom of a teenage driver).
So, instead of panicking I called in the spirit of my Grandpa who has assigned himself as the watcher over all the kids in the family. He especially watches over the ones that are driving.
I said, “Grandpa you’ve got to get to him and make sure he’s OK please.”  
A calm feeling came over me, so I let it be.
Five minutes later my phone is ringing, and it’s my son.
His car broke down, right before he was about to get on the freeway and make a 20 minute drive home at midnight.
He happened to break down where he could safely pull into a neighborhood,...

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Did you know I spend about an hour getting ready for our one on one sessions?
And I start tuning into your frequency the moment you book a session.
Even if our session is not for another few days, I am already starting to connect to your energy.

So, even though our session is only one hour, I also spend about an hour before hand prepping, clearing energy, setting the container, tuning in, tapping in, and starting to communicate with your guides your ancestors, or your passed loved ones- whoever chooses to come through for this powerful session together.

I pull cards, I ask to be shown what correspondence you can work with in support of your healing or your goals.
I call in your higher self from a space of connecting in with my higher self, and I ask to be shown everything you need to know right now that is for your highest good.

I pour white light into our session container, and infuse and encode the frequency of self-empowerment, healing, manifestation, and inspiration into...

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You Decide

Do you feel unhappy with your external environment or experiences? Have you taken inventory of your thoughts lately?

I say it all the time- Your healing and alignment IS the magic you seek.

When you release old emotions, baggage, traumas, or beliefs that no longer serve you, there will be room for so much more.

You truly get to re-imagine and re-design your thoughts, your beliefs, your energy signature, your experiences, your finances, and anything else you want to change.

It all starts with our healing, and with finding alignment.

Did you know...you no longer have to be a victim of your circumstances? And that deep within you, you DO have the power to expand and grow in any area of life you want?

Once upon a time, I was a person who was unhappy about anything and everything. My job, my finances, my relationships, my body, my thoughts.
And I really actually believed it was all happening TO me.
I was that victim of circumstance.

Until one day, it got to be so bad, and I felt so low, I...
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Addressing Current Times

I have been debating addressing what is going on in the world right now. This is a place of finding healing, finding magic, and finding a diverse supportive tribe. But what I am going to address in this post is a very important ingredient to your healing, and your magic, therefore I do feel compelled to say something.

I know times are crazy. I know there are those that are enraged, those that are scared, those that are opportunists, and those that want to make a difference.  

For every trigger, there is an opportunity for our own individual healing. That fact does not change just because it’s a bigger global event, or a single personal moment. This fact is still true.

So, you want to stop feeling the rage? The fear? You want to make a difference? You want to see change?

The best thing you can do for yourself, for your children, for your families, and for your communities is to first look at your own triggers. Your own wounding. Your own beliefs and reactions and where...

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