Unlocking the Akashic Records: Manifestation and Living Your Dream Life


The notion that we need to heal our past lives to feel whole in this life might seem absurd at first glance. I understand the skepticism; I, too, had my doubts.

However, after witnessing profound shifts in my own life and the lives of many clients and associates, I’ve come to embrace the transformative power of working with the Akashic Records.

This journey into the Akashic Records can sound mystical, even fantastical. At times, I hesitate to speak about it openly, reserving these discussions for private sessions with those who are ready to explore the depths of their soul’s journey.

But as a spirit-led individual, when spirit leads, I listen. 
I've had the nudge to talk more about healing with the Akashic Records, and then came a series of synchronicities that I just couldn't overlook. 

So here we are. 
Let's talk about it! 


One of the most common questions (and fears) I hear when people are learning about the Akashic Records is: what if we’re just making it up?

But here’s the thing—what if that doesn’t matter?

The vision you had, the download, the memory, the feeling, the awareness—whatever came to you during your Akashic journey—is a piece you needed on your healing or transformation path.

Consider this: if a vision of being a healer burned at the stake in a past life brings a profound understanding of your current fears and empowers you to embrace your gifts, then it served its purpose.

Or, if an image of abusing power in a past life and vowing to be powerless in subsequent lifetimes helps you recognize and break patterns of giving away your power in this life, then it provided the awareness you needed.

Why not let the healing take place? Why not give it a try?

If accessing the Akashic Records provides the clues you need to follow your next steps on your manifestation journey, then why not embrace it?


The Science of Energy: Where Does It Go?

Energy never disappears; it only changes form.

In the realm of the Akashic Records, this energy is the accumulated wisdom, experiences, and karmic imprints of your soul's journey through various lifetimes.

By tapping into this energetic archive, you can access the insights and healing necessary to manifest your dream life in the present.

Working with the Akashic Records for manifestation and healing is not about whether the visions are real or imagined. It's about the transformation that occurs within you.


Origins and History of the Akashic Records

The term "Akashic" comes from the Sanskrit word "Akasha," which means "ether" or "sky," signifying a universal space that holds all knowledge and history.


Edgar Cayce, an American clairvoyant known as the "Sleeping Prophet," further popularized the Akashic Records in the early 20th century. Cayce accessed the records during his trance states, providing detailed life readings, health advice, and spiritual teachings that emphasized the continuity of the soul through multiple lifetimes.


Historical References:

  • Hinduism: The concept aligns with the idea of "Akasha" in Hindu philosophy, which is considered one of the five fundamental elements. Akasha is seen as the etheric plane where all impressions are stored.
  • Buddhism: Similar concepts exist in Buddhism, where the interconnectedness of all things and the continuity of consciousness across lifetimes are central tenets.
  • Western Esotericism: The idea was integrated into Western esoteric traditions and mysticism, influencing modern spiritual practices and New Age thought. 


Scientific Perspective and Skepticism

Energy and Information Theory: While there is no empirical scientific evidence supporting the existence of the Akashic Records, some proponents draw parallels with theories in quantum physics and information theory. They suggest that if information is never truly lost, it might be stored in a non-physical plane or a universal consciousness.


Skepticism: Mainstream science remains skeptical of the Akashic Records due to the lack of measurable evidence. The concept is often viewed through the lens of psychology, with the "records" being a manifestation of the subconscious mind or a means of accessing deep personal insights.


Which brings me back to my point- so what if you made up a story during an Akashic Journey Meditation, but it brought you the exact awareness or insight you needed for your next right step along your healing, transformation, or manifestation journey? 

What if you took a more practical approach and assumed it was your subconscious delivering you information via a meditative journey and informative story? 

Some people do therapy. Some people work out. Some people take medicine. While others find their healing in alternative ways. 
When the other ways only did so much for me, I thought to myself, why not.

Something stirred within me and I was drawn to alternative healing. 

And there is a reason I still work with it eight years later. 
It was, and continues to be the magic "pill" I needed to do my healing and manifestation work.

This work took me to levels that nothing else I ever tried could. 


Ways you can work with the Akashic Records for manifestation and healing:


1. Clarity of Purpose:
 Access your Akashic Records to gain insight into your soul’s purpose and life path. This clarity can help you align your manifestations with your highest good.

2. Identifying Limiting Beliefs:
 Identify and release limiting beliefs or past life experiences that are blocking your manifestations. Understanding these patterns can help you overcome them.

3. Setting Intentions:
 Use the Records to set clear, aligned intentions for what you want to manifest. The Records can provide guidance on the best ways to achieve your goals.

4. Visualizing Success:
 Engage in guided visualizations within the Records to see your desired outcomes as already achieved. This strengthens your manifestation process.

5. Aligning with Universal Laws:
Learn about the universal laws and principles that govern manifestation. The Records can provide deeper understanding and alignment with these laws.

6. Future Life Progression:
 Explore potential future scenarios within the Records to see the outcomes of different choices. This can help you make decisions that are in alignment with your desired future.

7. Enhancing Creativity:
 Tap into creative inspiration and ideas stored in the Akashic Records. This can boost your creative projects and innovative thinking.



1. Past Life Healing:
 Identify and heal traumas, phobias, or unresolved issues from past lives that are affecting your current life. This can lead to profound emotional and physical healing.

2. Understanding Soul Contracts:
 Gain insights into soul contracts and agreements with other souls. This understanding can help you heal relationships and release karmic patterns.

3. Ancestral Healing:
 Work with the Records to heal ancestral wounds and patterns that have been passed down through generations. This can bring healing to your entire family lineage.

4. Emotional Healing:
 Access and release deep-seated emotional wounds by understanding their origins in the Akashic Records. This can lead to greater emotional balance and well-being.

5. Physical Healing:
 Identify energetic imbalances or past life traumas that are manifesting as physical ailments. Healing these can improve your physical health.

6. Healing Your Inner Child:
 Connect with and heal your inner child by accessing memories and experiences from your early life or past lives. This can lead to profound personal growth and self-acceptance.

7. Spiritual Guidance:
 Receive guidance from your spiritual guides and higher self within the Records. This can support your spiritual growth and provide direction in your healing journey.

8. Releasing Karmic Patterns:
 Understand and release negative karmic patterns that are impacting your life. This can lead to greater freedom and a sense of empowerment.

9. Chakra Balancing:
 Use information from the Akashic Records to identify and clear blockages in your chakras. This can enhance your overall energy flow and well-being.

10. Enhancing Intuition:
 Develop and trust your intuition by accessing the wisdom of the Akashic Records. This can improve your decision-making and inner guidance system.


Working with the Akashic Records in these ways can provide deep insights and facilitate powerful healing and transformation, helping you to live a more aligned and fulfilling life.

I've experienced it for myself, many times over. 
I've witnessed it in classmates, associates, and friends. 
I've walked clients through Akashic journeys and transformation. Many of these clients I've been walking with for the past two years. 
LEAPS & BOUNDS my friends. They've come so far. 

They keep manifesting ALL.THE.THINGS. 

I personally resisted the notion at first, because it sounded way to "woo" for me. Miss practicality. Miss Negative Nelly. I went into it with a "This is bullsh** but I will give it a try, I guess," type of attitude. 

I had such a profound experience that I tried it again.

And here we are eight years later, I do my spirit work, my healing, my manifestation work in the Akashic records daily. 

Embrace the journey, trust the process, and allow the Akashic Records to guide you toward living your dream life.





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