Unlocking the Akashic Records: Manifestation and Living Your Dream Life


The notion that we need to heal our past lives to feel whole in this life might seem absurd at first glance. I understand the skepticism; I, too, had my doubts.

However, after witnessing profound shifts in my own life and the lives of many clients and associates, I’ve come to embrace the transformative power of working with the Akashic Records.

This journey into the Akashic Records can sound mystical, even fantastical. At times, I hesitate to speak about it openly, reserving these discussions for private sessions with those who are ready to explore the depths of their soul’s journey.

But as a spirit-led individual, when spirit leads, I listen. 
I've had the nudge to talk more about healing with the Akashic Records, and then came a series of synchronicities that I just couldn't overlook. 

So here we are. 
Let's talk about it! 


One of the most common questions (and fears) I hear when people are learning about the Akashic Records is: ...

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Breaking Free from Self-Doubt: Stepping into Your Power for Manifestation

In the journey of manifestation, one of the biggest obstacles we face is self-doubt.

It's that nagging voice in our heads that whispers, "You're not good enough" or "Who do you think you are to achieve your dreams?"

But what if we could silence that voice and step boldly into our power?
What if we could manifest our dream life with unwavering confidence and self-assurance?

Self-doubt is like a chain that binds us, holding us back from realizing our full potential.

It keeps us playing small, living in fear of failure, and settling for less than we deserve.

But here's the thing: self-doubt is just an illusion—a trick of the mind that convinces us we're not capable of greatness.


The truth is, we are powerful creators, capable of manifesting anything we desire.

So how do we break free from the shackles of self-doubt and step into our power?

It starts with recognizing that self-doubt is just a thought—a thought that we have the power to change. Instead of allowing...

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Embracing Your Intuitive Knowing: Trusting the Unseen Realm Within


 You don’t always see me in the background holding space for you.

Holding the field of possibility for you.

Sending activations.

Helping create an energetic space for healing and clearing.

 I can’t explain a lot of what I do as medium and energy healer.

It’s from a whole different realm and there aren’t always human words to explain or describe.  

In the vastness of existence, there are unseen threads, guiding us along paths we often cannot perceive with our physical senses.

As a medium and energy healer, I've danced in this realm of the unknown, holding space for others, sending activations, and creating energetic sanctuaries for healing and transformation.

Yet, explaining the intricacies of this work is like describing the colors of the wind—it transcends human language.


Many times, I've found myself grappling with questions:
How do I know when an energy session is complete?
How do I discern the unseen...

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The Power of Intuition: A Guide to Listening Within

Today, lets embark on a journey to explore the profound benefits of tuning into your own intuitive thoughts and feelings.
We'll also delve into the consequences of ignoring that inner guidance and remaining in situations that have outgrown their purpose in your life.


The Gifts of Intuition.

1. Clarity and Direction:
One of the most significant benefits of listening to your intuition is gaining clarity about your path in life. Your intuition acts as a guiding compass, helping you make decisions that align with your true purpose and desires. It reveals the next steps on your journey, providing a sense of direction and purpose.


2. Alignment with Your Authentic Self:
Your intuition is a direct line to your authentic self. When you heed its wisdom, you stay true to who you are, making choices that reflect your values, passions, and innermost desires. This alignment fosters a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment.


3. Growth and Transformation:
Intuition encourages...

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What they don't teach you in "The School Of Life"...

As a psychic medium, I have had the privilege of tapping into the wisdom of the spirit world and gaining insights that extend beyond the knowledge available to humans.

A huge part of my own personal journey has been to learn how to integrate this wisdom and insight into my very much human existence. 

It's not about being one or the other. It's about learning to walk the line in a balanced way, between both the seen and unseen world. (At least that's one of my great lessons anyway!). It's learning to be a human with the insight and healing of the angels and spirit. 

Another thing that lights my heart up to to pass on the wisdom I learn. I love sharing what I learn from spirit with others. (Hence why I adore doing mediumship readings!) 


Here are five things that spirit knows that humans often do not:

1. **Universal Truths and Cosmic Wisdom:**
Spirits have a broader perspective on the universe and its fundamental truths. They possess insights into the...

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychic Abilities

Ever wondered about psychic abilities?

Dive into the world of clairvoyance, telepathy, and more in our latest blog post.

Today I want to share the secrets behind these extraordinary gifts.


Have you ever had a moment when you felt like you could sense something beyond the physical realm?

Perhaps you've experienced a dream that later came true or felt a strong intuitive nudge to make a life-changing decision.

These are glimpses into the fascinating world of psychic abilities, and in this blog post, we're going to explore the secrets behind these extraordinary gifts.


1. Clairvoyance: The Gift of Clear Sight
- Clairvoyance, or "clear seeing," is the ability to receive information or visions beyond what the eyes can perceive. Learn how to recognize clairvoyant experiences and tap into this incredible skill.


2. Telepathy: The Silent Language
- Telepathy is the art of transmitting thoughts, feelings, or messages directly from one mind to another. Discover how telepathy...

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What they don’t tell you about becoming a healer, doing your shadow work, and manifesting a different life…



As you begin to learn more about your shadow self,  and you start to release limitations, patterns, fears, and old binds, you become more empowered.
You set more boundaries.
You start to experience more abundance.
You learn about self-mastery.
You start to live intentionally, intuitively, and you begin to consciously create your world, while others around you are sticking to what they’ve always known/done. Whether they are happy doing it or not. 


And if you go on to be a healer, intuitive, or magic maker of any kind, you start to pay more attention to what’s going on in the unseen world. You follow the energy while others follow the news, the collective, or what’s been conditioned in them. 


You become the proverbial black sheep. 


Healers can feel like they suddenly become a mismatch with many of the people and situations around them. 


You shake the foundation of the family/group dynamic.
It triggers things...

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The Sacredness of Divine Timing and Nature

Part Two of Combining Intuition and Aligned Action! 

We have been talking a lot about only needing to know our next step. 
For really anything we are wanting to build, create, manifest, or experience in our life. 

Here is another example of just how magical this space of being really gets! 

I have a soul mate client who has been with me for some time, and the other day I received a surprise package in the mail from her. It was The Witches Wisdom Tarot Deck (and an extremely heart-warming note that was a huge form of abundance all on it's own!) 

In the letter she mentions how she really likes the deck and will probably be getting another one, but that she kept hearing my name when she opened the deck. So this was an example of her following an intuitive pull. She could have easily ignored the pull and kept her deck. But she followed the magic. 

So then the deck arrives at my house. And as most of you know, I am very wayward lol.  Which means...

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What do you get when you combine: Intuition, Aligned Action, & Boss Babe Energy?

To all my Boss Babes, & Soul Aligned Entrepreneurs out there:  

What do you get when you combine: Intuition, Aligned Action, & Boss Babe Energy? 

One bad a$$ abundant and transformative experience, that's what! 

Let me share with you an experience I recently had that included my intuition, my aligned action, and my boss babe energy. 

First, let me ask, have you ever found yourself purchasing something like a course or workshop and here it is two months later, and you still haven't even logged in one time? 
Or is that just me? 

Well back on Thanksgiving, I took advantage of several Black Friday deals for Business or Mindset Building workshops & courses...As well as a workshop on Akashic Records- (which at first I wondered 'why the heck did I buy this, I know all this'... but I later found the reason for that sign up as well!) 
But back to my point...

A few days ago I had a big scary thought come in...but a thought that...

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Communicating With Loved Ones On The Other Side

Who wants to learn more about communicating and working with Spirit? 

For me, mediumship has been one of the most profound and beautiful skills I have learned to tap into throughout my journey.
The healing and the absolute love that spirit brings through for people is so deep and so profound. I have so much gratitude that I am able to help facilitate some of those messages. It can be such a deeply healing experience for people, and it brings me so much joy to witness.  
The fact that we can still see/hear/feel our loved ones in new and different ways after they pass, is so heart warming. 
It is an incredible experience to receive encouragement, guidance, love, or a kick in the butt where needed from loved ones who have passed.
My Grandpa was very stoic and quiet in the physical world, but has THE most loving, silly, and supportive energy of almost all spirits I have communicated with. He even shows up for my magical friends sometimes! I never knew...
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