Navigating Grief: Harnessing the Power of Energy Work for Healing and Transformation

In the depths of grief, the pain we feel is not just emotional; it permeates our very being, echoing in our hearts, bones, and blood.

It's a tangible ache that seems to have no end.

But amidst the darkness, there is a tool that can help alleviate some of the weight we carry: energy work.

Having experienced profound losses myself, I understand the heaviness that grief brings.

When my stepfather, who was every bit a father to me, passed away, and then later when my Dad departed, I was thrust into a world of deep sorrow.

It was during this journey that I discovered the profound impact of energetic cords on an even deeper level.

Energetic cords are the ties that bind us to the people, experiences, memories, and places in our lives.

They are the unseen threads that connect us to those we love, even after they have transitioned from this earthly plane.

It was through this understanding that I began to comprehend the physical pain in my heart after my father's passing.

Guided by the wisdom of my father's spirit, I realized that the intense physical pain stemmed from the severing of these energetic cords.

As I visualized the cords being gently released from my heart space, the burden began to lighten, and the pain slowly ebbed away.

Energy work became my refuge, a sanctuary where I could tend to my wounded heart and soul.

It was not a magic cure for the emotional anguish, but rather a gentle balm that offered solace in moments of despair. Through simple yet profound practices, I found moments of peace amidst the storm of grief.

As an energy reader, healer, and medium, I have dedicated myself to understanding the intricacies of the unseen world.

I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of energy work in easing the burden of grief.

It is not about erasing the pain but rather about finding moments of respite and healing amid the chaos.


If you find yourself drowning in grief, I offer you these tools to navigate the storm:

Acknowledge Your Pain: Allow yourself to feel the depth of your emotions without judgment or guilt.

Grief is a natural response to loss, and it is essential to honor your feelings.

What we resist grows, and the only way through it is...through it.  

It's about finding grace for yourself within that storm. 


Practice Self-Compassion: Be gentle with yourself as you navigate this journey.

Offer yourself the same love and kindness that you would extend to a dear friend in need.

Harness the Power of Breath: In moments of distress, turn to your breath as an anchor.

Take slow, deep breaths, allowing the oxygen to calm your nervous system and soothe your soul.

As someone who has gone on multiple grief journeys the past two years, and who has held the space for many on their own journey, you would be surprised at how powerful intentionally breathing can be. 

Greif takes your breath away, so naturally we have to remember to breathe sometimes. 

My favorite tool for intentional breathing- The Shaman's Healing Breath. 
Breathe in for a count of four. 
Hold for a count of four. 
Breathe out for a count of four. 
Repeat four times (or more as needed.) 

It may not seem like it will do much, but it helps. It's medicine for a hurting soul. 


Visualize Healing: Envision a warm, healing light surrounding your heart space.

With each inhale, draw in love and comfort; with each exhale, release pain and sorrow.

This can be hard for some to believe, since it is not necessarily a tangible result. 

It won't fix everything. It doesn't take away from the unavoidable journey of grief. 
But it does give a moment of comfort. Of support.  A sacred pause. An act of self-love. 
A release. 


Connect with Spirit: Take time to commune with the spirit of your loved one. Whether through prayer, meditation, oracle cards, journaling, or simply speaking aloud, allow yourself to feel their presence and guidance.

Trust the signs, symbols, and synchronicities you get. 

When you dream about your loved one, trust that it was a visit or a message. 

When you think they are sending you a sign- they are. 

When you think you felt their presence, even if for just a split second, you did. 


Seek Support: Reach out to loved ones, support groups, or professionals who can offer guidance and understanding. You are not alone in your grief, although grief is one of the loneliest journeys you can ever walk. But there is strength in community. And you don't have to travel the entire road alone. 


Remember, healing is not a linear journey; it is a winding path marked by peaks and valleys.

Allow yourself grace as you navigate the terrain of grief, knowing that you are held in the loving embrace of the universe.

Through the gentle practice of energy work, may you find moments of peace, solace, and healing amidst the storm.














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