Manifestation Favors the Brave

Manifestation Frequency Favors The Brave & Bold

Manifestation is a journey that often requires facing significant fears and stepping out of comfortable zones.

As a manifestation coach, I not only teach others to manifest but also share my own experiences living a lifestyle of manifestation. Recently, I manifested the opportunity to travel with my husband—a dream come true. However, now that this reality is here, I find myself terrified.

We leave in a week, and I’ve spent the past month overthinking, questioning everything, and witnessing a lot of fear arise. It’s easy to let these fears keep me in my comfort zone and say no to the opportunity I diligently worked to manifest. However, I recognize that I’m at a pivotal point of up-leveling.

Living a new life requires a new version of me, one that can’t carry the old fears and comfort zones.

Our travel plans are fluid, depending on where work is available for my husband, which means I can't control or solve logistics in advance. To navigate this journey successfully, I must embrace a state of flow. Otherwise, none of us will have a good time.

This crossroads is where many people stumble in their manifestation journey. Instead of confronting their fears and following their soul's desires, they let those fears hold them back.

Manifestation favors the brave. It demands that we look our fears straight in the eye and move forward despite them. This is where real transformation happens.

The psychology behind fear reveals that it is a natural response to stepping into the unknown. Our brains are wired to seek safety and familiarity, often interpreting new experiences as threats. But when we acknowledge these fears and push through them, we activate our potential for growth and manifestation.

Facing fears requires courage and a willingness to embrace discomfort. It’s in these moments of discomfort that we find our true strength. The energy of manifestation thrives on this bravery. When we step out of our comfort zones and face our fears, we align with the powerful forces of creation. This alignment brings our manifestations to life.

Many people give up on their manifestations because they allow fear to dominate their actions. They stay in the same place, and the manifestation energy dissipates. I know this to be true, because we have manifested opportunity to either travel or move at least five times in the past few years.

While a few of those opportunities just might not have been the full alignment at the time, I can tell you at least two of those times I was definitely letting fear stop me.

But I have learned time and again, those who dare to confront their fears, who choose to move forward despite the discomfort, find that their dreams materialize in ways they never thought possible.

For me, this upcoming travel is a test of my manifestation mastery.

It’s a chance to demonstrate that I can live what I teach.

I can either succumb to the fear of the unknown or embrace it as a necessary step in my growth. By choosing the latter, I reaffirm my commitment to living a life of manifestation, continually stepping into the new and unknown with faith and determination.

So, as I embark on this journey, I invite you to consider your own fears and comfort zones.

What dreams have you allowed to wither because of fear?
What comfort zones are keeping you from your true potential?

Remember, manifestation favors the brave. It’s time to look those fears in the eye and move forward.

Together, let’s embrace the discomfort and manifest the lives we truly desire.





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