Manifestation Favors the Brave

Manifestation Frequency Favors The Brave & Bold

Manifestation is a journey that often requires facing significant fears and stepping out of comfortable zones.

As a manifestation coach, I not only teach others to manifest but also share my own experiences living a lifestyle of manifestation. Recently, I manifested the opportunity to travel with my husband—a dream come true. However, now that this reality is here, I find myself terrified.

We leave in a week, and I’ve spent the past month overthinking, questioning everything, and witnessing a lot of fear arise. It’s easy to let these fears keep me in my comfort zone and say no to the opportunity I diligently worked to manifest. However, I recognize that I’m at a pivotal point of up-leveling.

Living a new life requires a new version of me, one that can’t carry the old fears and comfort zones.

Our travel plans are fluid, depending on where work is available for my husband, which means I can't control or...

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As most of us are confined to our homes, we have no choice but to start facing some of our shadows. And what a powerful and supportive time to do so. 

We have been forced to stop.
To slow down.
And to find new ways of being.

There is much power to be discovered in the stillness and in turning within. 

That said, I myself have been journeying through a big shadow of my own. One that comes up often and my biggest "stuck" point. This week the shadow emotions came back in like a wrecking ball (as they usually do during the week of a full moon!), and before I went to deep into a loop, I knew it was time to work on another layer. 

The other night, after doing a lot of emotion processing, I was about to fall asleep and the image of my heart shaped rock that was gifted to me in Sedona by Robert Sechrengost (look him up if you don't already know about him!) popped in my mind, clear as day. 

The energy I felt when I "saw" it told me this wasn't just a random image...

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