Manifestation Favors the Brave

Manifestation Frequency Favors The Brave & Bold

Manifestation is a journey that often requires facing significant fears and stepping out of comfortable zones.

As a manifestation coach, I not only teach others to manifest but also share my own experiences living a lifestyle of manifestation. Recently, I manifested the opportunity to travel with my husband—a dream come true. However, now that this reality is here, I find myself terrified.

We leave in a week, and I’ve spent the past month overthinking, questioning everything, and witnessing a lot of fear arise. It’s easy to let these fears keep me in my comfort zone and say no to the opportunity I diligently worked to manifest. However, I recognize that I’m at a pivotal point of up-leveling.

Living a new life requires a new version of me, one that can’t carry the old fears and comfort zones.

Our travel plans are fluid, depending on where work is available for my husband, which means I can't control or...

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Manifestation can be complicated sometimes, because it involves mindset work, listening to your intuition, and taking aligned action. 

There is also a lot of manifestation teachings out there, and some if it can be conflicting or confusing. Especially if it's just not your way of naturally manifesting. We've been on a month-long journey of identifying our natural ways of manifesting through the Planets in our Astrology charts inside The Wayward Magick Academy, and it's been so insightful. Not everyone will manifest things into their life the same way. 

And if you are trying to use someone else's method, and it just doesn't seem to be working- it does NOT mean you aren't able to manifest! It just means we need to help you find YOUR way! 

Let's take manifestation one small step at a time; it doesn't have to be overwhelming. 
And we can do it right. 

We can create a lasting foundation, we can tailor things to perfectly suit us, and create a process that...

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