Lessons from Spirit: The Power of Openness in Mediumship Readings

Welcome to the third installment of our "Lessons from Spirit" series, where we embark on a journey of spiritual exploration and discovery through the wisdom I have gained from Spirit as a Medium. 

Today let's delve into a fundamental principle that is vital for anyone seeking insight and guidance from the spirit world: the importance of approaching a mediumship reading with openness.


Why Openness Matters.

1. Release Expectations:
One of the first lessons from spirit is to release the expectation of what you think you need to hear. Spirit operates from a vantage point that transcends our earthly perspective. They see the bigger picture, and their guidance is designed to provide you with the keys and energy to focus on, rather than simply fulfilling preconceived notions.


2. Different Perspectives:
Spirit has a much different perspective than we do. They offer guidance that aligns with our highest good and spiritual growth, which may not always align with...

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What Happens During A Mediumship Reading?

Dear Seekers of Truth and Healing,

I want to share one of the most humbling profound and transformative experiences that await you through  mediumship. 

Whether you are giving a reading or receiving a reading- it is always transformational and filled with wisdom, insight, and higher perspective.

Mediumship creates encounters that transcend the ordinary, offer profound healing, closure, a higher perspective on life's journey, and the immense love that flows from connecting with loved ones on the other side.

I could never put into words the immense love your spirits on the other side share with me for you. That is why I say Mediumship is so humbling. To know unconditional love, and to pass that along to strangers - of course that's a space I want to hang around in often!  

If you could see you the way your spirit squad sees you, and the way I get to see you through their eyes- it's life changing. And I get to experience it through every single mediumship...

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Your Loved Ones On The Other Side Are With You

The Wayward Witch
Your Loved Ones On The Other Side Are With You

I knew I was going to pull this card. What I didn’t know was it was going to turn into a long blog post.

With so many people around me losing loved ones so often lately, naturally I’ve had a lot of spirit around as well.  

If I know you, there is a very good chance your loved one has popped in for me at least once. But often more. If I don’t know you, but you are drawn to this space, there is also a good chance your loved one’s spirit helped to bring you here. Maybe it’s simply to read this blog today and you will find healing in any of these words. Maybe it’s to connect and work one on one together. Whatever it is- it’s usually divinely orchestrated. 


I don’t reach out to you and tell you this, because that goes against my integrity and training as a medium.

I don’t know about all of your belief systems. I may not know what stage you are at in your grief. And I may not know how this type of information can...

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