Addressing Current Times

I have been debating addressing what is going on in the world right now. This is a place of finding healing, finding magic, and finding a diverse supportive tribe. But what I am going to address in this post is a very important ingredient to your healing, and your magic, therefore I do feel compelled to say something.

I know times are crazy. I know there are those that are enraged, those that are scared, those that are opportunists, and those that want to make a difference.  

For every trigger, there is an opportunity for our own individual healing. That fact does not change just because it’s a bigger global event, or a single personal moment. This fact is still true.

So, you want to stop feeling the rage? The fear? You want to make a difference? You want to see change?

The best thing you can do for yourself, for your children, for your families, and for your communities is to first look at your own triggers. Your own wounding. Your own beliefs and reactions and where...

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What could go wrong?

What would it be like if we were all living a life we loved?

Mind, Body, Spirit and your day to day all in alignment.

 Try that on. How does that feel?

Do you believe it is possible?

Are you taking steps to make that happen? Are you finding joys along the journey?

 We are filled with SO much limiting belief and so many of us do not even realize it! I know personallly it took me about 34 years before I realized how utterly limited and negative my thinking was.

 I had a “yeah but..” comment for everything. I had anxiety. I kept myself in a teeny tiny little box. I worried about hundreds of "what if” scenarios all day long. Borrowing trouble, I like to call it. That’s exactly what that is when we are constantly running a bunch of different scenarios in our head of all the things that could go wrong.

 What if it went RIGHT instead?  Then what?

 How often do you reverse the looping and actually spend some time thinking about all the...

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Communicating with Crystals

When I first began my Witchy magic making journey I started collecting crystals just to collect them. That's what new witches do right?

Some of those stones I would instinctively feel called to, although I may not have known why. Others I may have been drawn to because they were visually appealing. 

For a while I just sort of carried them around in my purse or put them in a bowl, or on a shelf. Eventually I began to learn more about them, used them with spell and ritual work, set intentions for them, and I ended up taking several courses about crystals and crystal healing. 

I knew lots of things about them, but I didn't necessarily feel anything from them...

Until I learned to energetically connect and communicate with them. I learned how to check in and ask if they want to come home with me, or work with me. I was taught to ask if they were ethically mined. 

Some are there to hold energy. Some are there to hold space or certain frequencies. Some are there to hold...

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Communicating With Loved Ones On The Other Side

Who wants to learn more about communicating and working with Spirit? 

For me, mediumship has been one of the most profound and beautiful skills I have learned to tap into throughout my journey.
The healing and the absolute love that spirit brings through for people is so deep and so profound. I have so much gratitude that I am able to help facilitate some of those messages. It can be such a deeply healing experience for people, and it brings me so much joy to witness.  
The fact that we can still see/hear/feel our loved ones in new and different ways after they pass, is so heart warming. 
It is an incredible experience to receive encouragement, guidance, love, or a kick in the butt where needed from loved ones who have passed.
My Grandpa was very stoic and quiet in the physical world, but has THE most loving, silly, and supportive energy of almost all spirits I have communicated with. He even shows up for my magical friends sometimes! I never knew...
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"The devil you know isn't necessarily better than the one you don't." 

I don't know about you, but I do a ton of energy work, healing, and timeline collapsing in my sleep, and have also been getting some insightful downloads and messages lately. 

Last night I had a dream that I was holding a doll and suddenly a giant red cartoon-ish devil came out of the doll.  (Think the genie coming out of the lamp in the movie Aladdin). 

I tapped into the message behind the dream once I woke up and was guided to pull out my Tarot deck once again. 

The Devil card in Tarot does not represent some evil being who comes from the outside world. In fact, it's quite the opposite. 
This card reminds us that each of us have "devils" inside of us that we have created, and then hid in our shadows. 

Addiction, bad habits, obsessions, and unhealthy decisions that we continue to cling to and keep in our energy fields, even long after it becomes blatantly clear that they are...

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As most of us are confined to our homes, we have no choice but to start facing some of our shadows. And what a powerful and supportive time to do so. 

We have been forced to stop.
To slow down.
And to find new ways of being.

There is much power to be discovered in the stillness and in turning within. 

That said, I myself have been journeying through a big shadow of my own. One that comes up often and my biggest "stuck" point. This week the shadow emotions came back in like a wrecking ball (as they usually do during the week of a full moon!), and before I went to deep into a loop, I knew it was time to work on another layer. 

The other night, after doing a lot of emotion processing, I was about to fall asleep and the image of my heart shaped rock that was gifted to me in Sedona by Robert Sechrengost (look him up if you don't already know about him!) popped in my mind, clear as day. 

The energy I felt when I "saw" it told me this wasn't just a random image...

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Today's Message of Empowerment

This morning I worked with my pendulum and higher council to choose which deck from my collection wanted to work with me to bring a message of empowerment to the tribe today.

I wasn't surprised that the Goddess Power deck stepped forward, as it has been on my radar for the last week. 

Today's message is brought from the Athena and Uzume cards. 

Athena's Message: 
Athena represents knowledge and wants to remind us it is time to discover our "knowing" and then to stand in it. 

To get into a state of deeper empowerment, we want to choose our belief and now stick with that belief.  Are we afraid, or are we going to co-create our experiences? Lets stop dancing back an forth, pick a stance, and then work with it to our full capacity. 

Athena also lets us know now is a perfect time to gain greater clarity than we have ever had before. That sounds confusing, when there is so much uncertainty in the world.. but really though, what better time to decide to show up...

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Sedona Medicine

When we were in Sedona for our Healing Retreat last month I bought a unique locally designed Oracle Deck. This deck has a really special energy to it, and I just knew it wanted to work with me to bring sacred Earth and Animal messages. 

I have been asking my guide team every day how I can best show up and serve my tribe right now during such unprecedented times. Often I will feel called to post motivational, uplifting, or thought provoking content. Other times I am called to create printed material and free guidebooks, or host a few free circles. But today's message feels really special. Especially since I have been calling in deeper relationships and magic working with Earth, plant, animal, and spirit energies. 

Today the Sedona Oracle deck was sitting to the left of me on my desk, and kept drawing my attention on and off throughout the day.

I finally picked it up and where I normally will shuffle before picking a card, I felt drawn to spread them all out on my desk....

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