Planetary Magic & Manifestation- URANUS

Unlocking the Cosmic Blueprint: Harnessing Uranus Energy for Manifestation

As a student of astrology and a fervent explorer of manifestation, I've found myself diving deeper into the celestial realms in search of profound insights and transformative wisdom. In my journey, I've discovered that the key to unlocking the secrets of manifestation lies within the intricate tapestry of planetary magic.

Each planet, with its unique archetypal energy, offers a reservoir of cosmic counsel waiting to be harnessed. Just as one would consult deities and spirit guides, the planets emerge as formidable allies in the realm of magic, manifestation, and healing.

What truly fascinates me is how the celestial bodies weave their influence into the fabric of our lives, shaping our innate abilities to manifest our desires. This synthesis between planetary archetypes and personal birth chart nuances propels us into a realm of unparalleled understanding and empowerment.

Let's dive into Uranus, the...

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Healing with Archangels: Unlocking Divine Energies for Transformation

Welcome to a journey where celestial energies intertwine with earthly souls, where the divine touches the mundane, and where healing manifests through the benevolent guidance of the Archangels.

In this sacred space, we'll explore the unique healing energies each Archangel brings, their corresponding colors, symbols, and how you can work with them in your healing journey.

The Archangels have been a huge part of my work as an Energy Healer as well as in my own personal healing work.

They have been in session with me for pretty much any energy healing I have ever done for another soul.
If you received an energy session from me, you received it from the Archangels as well.
When I was first starting out on my own personal healing journey, I found the energy of Angels to be one of the easiest, most natural, and most loving and supportive energy and spirit to connect with. 

Almost ten years later, they are still a part of my everyday work as a healer and a...
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The Art of Showing Up for Yourself: A Journey to Manifestation Mastery

In the intricate journey of manifestation, one component stands out—your commitment to showing up for yourself.

This journey begins with a profound realization: the power to manifest your dream life lies within your ability to prioritize and honor your own growth and desires.


The Challenge of Starting: When You Don't Know How
Initiating the journey of showing up for yourself can be daunting, especially when you're unsure where to start. It's not just about adopting basic self-care practices but about understanding the psychological barriers that hinder our commitment to personal growth. Acknowledge the fear of the unknown, the comfort of staying in familiar patterns, and the narratives that tell you that you are not worthy of the life you desire.


The Psychology Behind Self-Abandonment
Why do so many of us struggle to show up for ourselves?

The psychology of self-abandonment often stems from deep-rooted beliefs and conditioning. Society's expectations, past...

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Breaking Free from the 'Not Enough' Chains

Are you tired of the monotonous 'not enough' narrative that seems to dominate your life?

It's time to break free from the chains that bind your potential and embrace the transformative power of manifestation.

Let's explore how reclaiming your power and joy through manifestation can reshape the story of your life.


The Science Behind Mindset and Energy

Scientifically, our mindset and energy play a significant role in shaping our experiences. The energy we emit attracts similar energy from the universe. When stuck in a 'not enough' mindset, we send out signals of lack, and the universe responds accordingly.

Studies show that positive thinking can influence not only our mental state but also our physical health. Manifestation is not just wishful thinking; it's a shift in energy that invites abundance.


Recognizing the 'Not Enough' Chains

The first step towards breaking free is recognizing the chains that bind you.

Whether it's the belief in not having enough time, money, or...

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Breaking Free: Dismantling Excuses on Your Manifestation Journey

How to recognize and work through excuses when it comes to prioritizing mindset and manifestations...

We all do it—those moments when we tell ourselves we don't have time, when external pressures seem insurmountable, or when health struggles become a barrier.

Excuses, whether subtle or overt, can be the silent saboteurs of our manifestation journey. Understanding the psychology behind these excuses is crucial for dismantling their power.

Excuses often have roots in fear—fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or even fear of success.

Our minds, protective as they are, sometimes use excuses as a shield against perceived threats. Recognizing this psychological pattern is the first step in breaking free.

When you catch yourself making excuses, ask yourself: What am I afraid of? What's the worst that could happen?

More often than not, bringing these fears into the light diminishes their power.
Acknowledge them, but don't let them dictate your actions. I have a...

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Mastering the Art of Money Manifestation: A Decade-Long Journey


There is a reason I have been doing money magic for so long. 

For almost over a decade (probably longer if we take it way back to 2008 when I first picked up the book The Secret), I've immersed myself in the mystical realm of money manifestation, and I'm here to share the secrets and insights I've uncovered along the way.

Buckle up as we embark on a journey into the world of magical alchemy and the transformative power of directing your money with intention.

A Flashback to the First...

I've been practicing the art of first-of-the-month money magic for the past five years, and here's the news flash – it's never NOT worked!

The key lies in the subtle dance of directing your money to grow and expressing love and appreciation for it. But there's more to it than meets the eye.


The Revelation: Money Isn't Real, It's Magical

In recent years, a profound realization hit me – money isn't real. Alongside my husband, we've manifested substantial amounts that seem...

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Aquarian Alchemy: Revolutionizing Manifestation Through Daily Emotional Choices

One way I really connect with Aquarian Energy is through my passion and desire to revolutionize manifestation, and then teach it to others.

The way we were taught- beliefs about money, about staying in situations and jobs we hate because 'it's what we are supposed to do,' or 'because we believe we have no choice,' or 'because it's the right thing to do'  - that's old programming. 

I do believe this mindset, belief, and perspective were necessary once upon a time when survival was the only focus.  

I don't hate on where those beliefs came from. I absolutely honor the journey our ancestors walked for us. I work a lot with my Ancestors, I have a great deal of respect for their story. 

But here's the cool thing- We can also liberate those very ancestors who had to live that way, by revolutionizing the family manifestation story. 

Times are different now.  

I know how awful it feels to force yourself to stay in situations...

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Aquarius and The Star: Illuminating the Path of Progress

Aquarius, ruled by the visionary planet Uranus, is a beacon of forward-thinking and innovation in the astrological realm. Those under its influence are natural revolutionaries, pushing the boundaries of conventional thought and exploring uncharted territories of the mind.

The energy of Aquarius is like a breath of fresh air, encouraging us to break free from the shackles of tradition and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

In the realm of manifestation, harnessing the energy of Aquarius requires a departure from the ordinary.

It beckons us to envision a future that transcends the limits of our current understanding, urging us to think beyond the confines of the status quo.

This forward-thinking nature prompts us to set intentions that not only align with personal aspirations but also contribute to the collective evolution.

Aquarius invites us to dream audaciously, recognizing that transformation often emerges from the seeds of unconventional ideas.

The key to...

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Aquarian Alchemy: Unveiling Your Unique Manifestation Style Through the Houses

Aquarius in the Houses: Unveiling Manifestation Styles

Aquarius, the innovative and forward-thinking air sign ruled by Uranus, brings a unique flavor to the manifestation styles dictated by the houses in an astrological birth chart.

Each house represents a distinct area of life, and when Aquarius graces these domains, it adds an unconventional and progressive touch to the way individuals approach manifestation.


Aquarius in the 1st House:

With Aquarius influencing the self-expression and identity-focused 1st house, individuals may manifest by embracing their eccentricities. Authenticity and individuality become paramount, encouraging them to boldly express their unique ideas and perspectives.


Aquarius in the 2nd House:
In the realm of personal values and resources, Aquarius prompts unconventional approaches to financial manifestation. Innovation in investments, technology, or humanitarian efforts might be the key to abundance.


Aquarius in the 3rd House: (Aquarius...

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Planetary Magic & Manifestation- MARS

Before I get started with this article I want you to know, I am a student of Astrology, practiced in Planetary Magic, and an expert at Manifestation.

In fact, you can say I am downright obsessed with learning all there is to know about manifestation. Playing the game, seeing how far it can go, how transforming it can be. It feels like a natural passion, and I just keep diving deeper and deeper into the subject. 

What I have found is that unlocking the secrets of manifestation reaches beyond conventional realms. Our manifestation story is already written into our blueprint. This is where we delve into the celestial web that is planetary magic.

Much like one might weave the energies of archetypes, gods, goddesses, and spirit guides into the fabric of their mystical pursuits, the planets themselves emerge as formidable allies in the realm of magic, manifestation, and healing.

Within this dance, each planet emanates a unique archetypal energy, offering profound...

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