Pattern Interrupt Protocol

Do you have a pattern interrupt process when you are trying to shift energy, moods, patterns, or behaviors? 

A pattern interrupt is often required when we are working on releasing the programmed neuropathways tied to the shadows we are working to alchemize. 

The first step is shadow work. 

The next step is to understand that a reprogramming may be in order. 

Although we may have done our shadow work, some of our thoughtforms, beliefs, and behaviors have been present for so long that they become programmed into our being. They become part of the neuropathway and operating procedure. And much of the time we don't even realize it has become our nature. 
The thoughts/beliefs are just so automatic at this point, we don't even recognize it. That is why I am always talking about how important it is to investigate our daily routines, our day to day thoughts, and our to-do lists. Things become so programmed into our being, we go about it in more of a...

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If you want the magic, you have to go find it or create it.

I had this message drop in, and then felt urged to share it.

“If you want the magic, you have to go f***ing find it or create it.” (and yes, the F word WAS included in this drop in message!)

Sometimes things do and will happen for us “as if by magic.”
But, if you are looking for that lasting, tangible magic- that’s going to be on you to create.  

The journey to magic requires inner work, shadow work, energy work, and body work.

You know- the whole Mind, Body, Soul thing?

It can feel like a daunting task, being at the very bottom of the magic mountain.

It’s really easy for people to say, “I don’t have time for that, it’s too much.”
And then these same people go on to live life on autopilot on the outside, and prisoners of their own mind on the inside. 
Why? Because they still desire the f*&^ing magic, that is why.

I know this because I was one of those people. And now I work with many of those people to...

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Desert Magic

I have been working with the magic of the desert long before I knew there even was such a thing.

The desert and I have a history. A history which has recently been reconciled through a journey of shadow work, soul wealth acceleration, and the willingness to completely shut down a whole bunch of old timelines.

Staring out the window at the vast landscape I used to see nothing but death, colorless dried plant life, struggle, and discomfort.
Now I see and feel all the beauty that sprouts from the desert. I also recognize the magic, the pioneering, and the ancient wisdom and medicine it has to share. I have unknowingly been collecting much of that wisdom, medicine, and magic along my travels and time here in the desert. I have a lot of Desert Magic to share in this series of #WaywardAdventures.

Looking for inspiration for how to kick off the Desert Magic Series, I felt called to pull cards from the Sedona Deck originally created by a local artist back in ’99.

Below is a beautiful...

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Enchanted Wayward Adventures

I don’t even know where to start with this blog post.

There is so much magick involved, how do you quite possibly share it all in one post?

I suppose it would be a good idea to start at the beginning.

But where does the beginning even start? This lifetime, a thousand lifetimes before? My mind wanders when I try to pull that level of magick and enchantment into one post. There is just too much.

And so many different legs of the journey intertwine and connect at various stages to get us where we are today.

Lets start there, since that word is what sent me down the current path I am on.

Enchantment is a word that has always peeked my interest.
For years I had the phrase “Enchanted Living” in the back of my mind. But like, way back there.
There was always a resonance when that phrase came up, but a very distant one.
So it sat in the back, behind all the shadow, and all the mundane, and all the control drama.


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Living an Enchanted Life, Allowing the Daily Magic.

When you choose to step into a life of alignment, empowerment, and magic- that is exactly what you experience in return. 

I have moments of magic flow into my life each and every day. 

Beautiful connections to amazing souls. 
Moments of clarity that lead to experiencing the next level of self. 
Abundance flowing in from all areas in such unique and magical ways. 
The experience and connection that comes with working with spirit and guides, and our loved ones on the other side. 
All of the sacred moments. 
All of the healing. 
All of the ways you begin to follow your joy. 
And lets not forget one of my favorite things- the infinite flow of major synchronicity that just happen all the time.

Life begins to feel so enchanting!
You learn to embrace all of the shadows, set all of the loving boundaries, and cultivate a beautiful relationship with your soul.

And it all starts with just a clear intention that you are ready to embrace those...

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The Sacredness of Divine Timing and Nature

Part Two of Combining Intuition and Aligned Action! 

We have been talking a lot about only needing to know our next step. 
For really anything we are wanting to build, create, manifest, or experience in our life. 

Here is another example of just how magical this space of being really gets! 

I have a soul mate client who has been with me for some time, and the other day I received a surprise package in the mail from her. It was The Witches Wisdom Tarot Deck (and an extremely heart-warming note that was a huge form of abundance all on it's own!) 

In the letter she mentions how she really likes the deck and will probably be getting another one, but that she kept hearing my name when she opened the deck. So this was an example of her following an intuitive pull. She could have easily ignored the pull and kept her deck. But she followed the magic. 

So then the deck arrives at my house. And as most of you know, I am very wayward lol.  Which means...

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Dreaming The Big Dreams

"If you can see it, you can BE it. 
There is nothing you can not have. 
Release control of how things should be and allow the universe to orchestrate the most incredible life full of miracles. 
Make sure you give thanks and celebrate all the tiny micro-wins, as the universe is showing you that it's all happening with little energetic breadcrumbs. 
Don't take them for granted- it's all happening! 
Take a look around and find evidence of it working! "
- From the Angels In Your Biz Oracle Deck 

"If you can see it, you can BE it". 
I love this, as this is a topic that has been coming up in Women's Circle for my Monthly Mastermind Group and in my Abundance Mastery & Reset Program. 
If you can envision something, if you have a desire, if you have a goal, or a dream- it's because it is something that is already available to you (and technically already happening if we want to get into quantum physics and...

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What do you get when you combine: Intuition, Aligned Action, & Boss Babe Energy?

To all my Boss Babes, & Soul Aligned Entrepreneurs out there:  

What do you get when you combine: Intuition, Aligned Action, & Boss Babe Energy? 

One bad a$$ abundant and transformative experience, that's what! 

Let me share with you an experience I recently had that included my intuition, my aligned action, and my boss babe energy. 

First, let me ask, have you ever found yourself purchasing something like a course or workshop and here it is two months later, and you still haven't even logged in one time? 
Or is that just me? 

Well back on Thanksgiving, I took advantage of several Black Friday deals for Business or Mindset Building workshops & courses...As well as a workshop on Akashic Records- (which at first I wondered 'why the heck did I buy this, I know all this'... but I later found the reason for that sign up as well!) 
But back to my point...

A few days ago I had a big scary thought come in...but a thought that...

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I was sitting at home the other night, it was around 12:15AM, and I was half asleep waiting for my son to get home for the night.
Something all of the sudden didn’t feel right to me.
I knew it involved my son, and I was interpreting it as him having some sort of accident. (This was an intuitive feeling, different than the regular worry that comes along with being the Mom of a teenage driver).
So, instead of panicking I called in the spirit of my Grandpa who has assigned himself as the watcher over all the kids in the family. He especially watches over the ones that are driving.
I said, “Grandpa you’ve got to get to him and make sure he’s OK please.”  
A calm feeling came over me, so I let it be.
Five minutes later my phone is ringing, and it’s my son.
His car broke down, right before he was about to get on the freeway and make a 20 minute drive home at midnight.
He happened to break down where he could safely pull into a neighborhood,...

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A Day In The Life Of A Wayward Witch

I posted in my group today about how I was reflecting on my day, and I felt compelled to expand on it and share a message of hope, a message of choosing YOU, and of keeping your soul desires at the forefront of your intentions. 

A day in the life of a Wayward Witch...(and keep in mind for later, that five years ago none of this was my reality!).
Magic moments from my day today: 

  • For the first few hours of the day I did a bunch of random things that felt good to do, whatever I wanted in each moment- I worked on some content for my beloved Monthly Magic Membership, I worked on some info for the upcoming Intuition Building Workshop, had some coffee, chilled with the puppy (the one that ate my Tarot cards yesterday!)...there may or may not have been an early morning nap in there as well. 
  • Later on in the day I identified someone's walk in and opened up the invitation for it to be removed from their energy field.
  • I helped someone clear an attachment and cut some...
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