Griefย - A Message From Spirit

 What can I say about grief? 

There are no words that can adequately quantify what grief really is. And there is no one  that can fully explain it to us, as we all have our own experiences with grief. 

The grief I want to talk about today is the grief we must endure when a loved one passes away. 

I’ve been watching grief flood in all around us these past few years, including into my own heart.

I hold space as I watch it fill the crevices and dark empty places of our hearts, our minds, our energy fields, and then it takes over all the light places too.  

Grief is so heavy and wraps so tightly around our hearts, our lungs, our stomachs, our throats, our shoulders, and our souls. 

 And the hardest part about grief is you can’t do much to cure it other than sit with it, and slowly learn to navigate what life is without our loved one. 


Story Time...I cried today.
Over the weekend my boyfriend and I were driving...

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MANIFESTING TIP #6 Manifesting Momentumย For Change


Whenever there is something you want to change- a belief, your mindset, patterns, behaviors, toxic relationships, abundance levels- whatever it may be, that can be a very daunting task.

We start with a nice jump start of motivation, and then programming, life, and the mundane get in the way, and we find ourselves right back in our old pattern/mindset/habit/lack. 

Then we often add a shadow layer to that by adding on shame for not changing the thing. For not being different than you were two days ago.

I have found the key ingredient that helps me to keep the manifesting/intention train moving anytime I want to change a pattern or a belief.

I first start with calling in and manifesting the MOTIVATION to change the thing. I call in the sacred self-discipline.
Because let’s face it, nobody can make these changes for us. 

No one can complete our manifestations for us. 


Change requires discipline- but I am not always a huge fan of that word. It reminds...

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If you are just trying to manifest money, and you aren't tuning in deeper to your truest desires, then you are going to find it difficult to manifest more money.

But, if you are willing to put some time and energy into tuning into what you TRULY desire to FEEL from all this money- then you will find your manifestations come to you much more effortlessly, and in such divine ways.


What feelings are you trying to buy with this manifestation of money?


Keep digging past all the "don't wants", all the lack you are trying to buy your way out of, and don't stop until you strike gold in the form of discovering your soul desires.

Is this sometimes a journey? Yes 

However, it's a very important part of the journey that a lot of us try to skip, by just defaulting to ask for more money.

"If I have more money, I can just buy my way to happiness."


If there is no desire behind the manifestation, then it's going...

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Working With Crystals For Chronic Pain- Bloodstone

I have been studying crystal healing off and on for the past six years. 

At the start of my journey I began to study crystal healing because "that's what witches do." 

I didn't really get it at first. 

I loved crystals- but I didn't really feel anything from them all that often. 

However, as I continued my healing and spiritual journey I learned more and more about energy, frequency, record keepers, and the unseen. 

I began "seeing" and reading energy everywhere, and in everything. 

I learned to channel- including channeling with my crystals and stones. 

I established a much deeper connection with my tools, and the medicine and messaging they bring. 

I have been suffering from chronic 24/7 back pain for the past eight years or so. 
Most days we are at about an 8 on the pain scale. 
There is generally not a moment that goes by where I am not feeling the pain. 

I pursued the route of modern medicine a few years...

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YOU HAVE THE KEY- A channeled message and activation from spirit.

The Wayward Witch
YOU HAVE THE KEY- A channeled message and activation from spirit.

A channeled message and activation from a team of spirit, including my Grandpa who is one of my most favorite spirit allies! He  seems to show up at just the right time when you need a loving butt kick or activation.  

You can listen to the message in the included audio, or you can ready the activation below if that's more your style. (I get a lot of activation from the written word, and maybe some of you do too!). 


You are not stuck like you think you are. 

Just how you put so much effort into your survival, why do you not put that same discipline, practice, energy, and effort into thriving? 

It's a transfer of energy. 
It's a transfer of focus. 

Look out your current life window. 

Observe yourself now. 

What do you see? 

What do you feel when you wake up in the morning? 
Where do your thoughts go?
When you are getting ready, setting the tone for the day- what is that tone? 
When you are commuting to work,...

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Manifesting Lifestyle

 The word manifest, or law of attraction methods have been thrown around the spiritual and metaphysical community often. 


But there is something that is missing in much of this teaching. 


Without the missing tools, you may even feel more shame than abundance when using methods like the law of attraction. 


I’ve seen some spiritual teachers even tell you to write down your affirmations 55 times five days a week…. And trust me I’ve tried ALL THE THINGS.  


Let's be real here; If you are missing the boat on the mindset work, writing your affirmations down 55 times a day is just going to leave you feeling like crap. Your mind and thoughts are going to counteract your affirmations with every word you write. 


Then you start thinking something is wrong with you, or that manifesting won’t work for you. 


And that’s simply not true. And I’d hate for you to give up on...

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I just went through some sh**, so you may want to listen up for this one.
This is also one of my top go-to manifesting activities. 


A few years ago, as I was learning ALL the things about manifesting, I discovered a lot of outward activity you can do to support your manifesting. 

Reality Writing was one of my favorite manifesting activities, because it also covered the mindset work- which is Manifesting Ingredient NUMBER ONE. 

My version of reality writing is to write down everything I desire to experience as an “I AM” statement, and as “THIS IS DONE.” 

On any given day you will find statements like the following in my reality writing journal:

Everything works in my favor no matter what.
I get treated like a VIP everywhere I go.
People love to upgrade me and treat me well, and they enjoy having me around.  


I’ve been writing these two...

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Ready for the third  ingredient to my manifesting potion?
This is another main ingredient, and works side by side with Manifesting Tip #2- POSSIBILITY.  



Specifically sanctuary of the mind. (Hint: Bringing the tools together, when we start to become intentional with our thought and energy currency, and we start to  bring in possibility for our manifestations, we are already beginning to grid sanctuary space). 


If you want to boost and accelerate your manifestations, creating a sanctuary in your mind is a sure way to do that. 


To create sanctuary of mind means to: 


  • Do the shadow work around anything standing in the way of allowing the manifestation to take place. Common shadows will be around abundance, deservingness, receiving, possibility. 
  • Step into faith (and re-step into it again and again) that your manifestation is not only possible and available, but is already...
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Want to know another ingredient to my manifesting potion?
This is a main ingredient, or the potion will not work properly.
If the world is images and thoughts of our mind manifested- that means we must have thoughts of possibility in our mind and project them out.
In other words, if you aren’t allowing for possibility for the thing you wish to manifest, it has very little chance to manifest into physical reality.

Let’s say you are manifesting a job change or a new relationship, but your most dominant and recurring thoughts are things like:
“I’m never going to be able to leave this job. I have no idea how this is possible? I am too afraid to leave this job. I’m too old/inexperienced/tired/not enough to have my dream job.”
“I’m never going to meet a good partner. I have never had a good relationship and probably never will. It’s so hard to meet someone. I am so lonely. I don’t love myself, but want to find...
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Want to know one of the number one methods I use for manifesting the reality I desire?


Not only do I intend for things to happen, but I also work with intention when it comes to how I spend the CURRENCY of my:


These are all aspects of our overall "Soul Wealth", and I now use them with great care, attention, intention, and soul.

These areas also impact the abundance or magic we experience in our outer world.

Intention is something we are also starting to dive into in my Shadow Work program. Not only does intention help us with our manifesting, but it also helps when it comes to doing our shadow work, and stepping into our own personal place of real power.

My question for you to ponder on today is this:
How much intention have you been putting into your day to day life, your thoughts, and your decisions?

Don't forget you can consciously write your reality.
I've done it. 
Many times. 

It's amazing.  
And I...
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