The Path of The Spider-Manifestation

The Wayward Witch
The Path of The Spider-Manifestation

The Path of The Spider
Conscious Creation- Building the magical life we TRULY desire.
An Animal Spirit & Archetype to work with for Manifestation


Key Energy:  Creativity & The Weaving Of Fate  


Spider first started coming into my awareness about two years ago when Tracey and I were doing Animal Spirit Readings. 

We were pulling spider as one of the animal messengers for almost every single person who signed up for a reading! 

The message of being a conscious creator and weaving your own reality came up reading after reading. 


I have invited spider to be a part of my totem ever since. 


Do I like spiders in real life? No I do not. I try to make nice with them as best I can, because I truly do appreciate them as a messenger and as an archetype of a Reality Weaver. 


You can find some fascinating lore about the spider. In India Spider is associated with the weaver of illusion. (This makes me think of the...

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Your Loved Ones On The Other Side Are With You

The Wayward Witch
Your Loved Ones On The Other Side Are With You

I knew I was going to pull this card. What I didn’t know was it was going to turn into a long blog post.

With so many people around me losing loved ones so often lately, naturally I’ve had a lot of spirit around as well.  

If I know you, there is a very good chance your loved one has popped in for me at least once. But often more. If I don’t know you, but you are drawn to this space, there is also a good chance your loved one’s spirit helped to bring you here. Maybe it’s simply to read this blog today and you will find healing in any of these words. Maybe it’s to connect and work one on one together. Whatever it is- it’s usually divinely orchestrated. 


I don’t reach out to you and tell you this, because that goes against my integrity and training as a medium.

I don’t know about all of your belief systems. I may not know what stage you are at in your grief. And I may not know how this type of information can...

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What they don’t tell you about becoming a healer, doing your shadow work, and manifesting a different life…



As you begin to learn more about your shadow self,  and you start to release limitations, patterns, fears, and old binds, you become more empowered.
You set more boundaries.
You start to experience more abundance.
You learn about self-mastery.
You start to live intentionally, intuitively, and you begin to consciously create your world, while others around you are sticking to what they’ve always known/done. Whether they are happy doing it or not. 


And if you go on to be a healer, intuitive, or magic maker of any kind, you start to pay more attention to what’s going on in the unseen world. You follow the energy while others follow the news, the collective, or what’s been conditioned in them. 


You become the proverbial black sheep. 


Healers can feel like they suddenly become a mismatch with many of the people and situations around them. 


You shake the foundation of the family/group dynamic.
It triggers things...

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The Path of The Raven- Shadow Work & Shadow Mastery

The Wayward Witch
The Path of The Raven- Shadow Work & Shadow Mastery

The Path of The Raven
An Animal Spirit & Archetype to work with for Shadow Work & Shadow Mastery

Healing, Clearing, Awareness, & Empowerment…shape shifting. 

 Shapeshifting and Creation are two key energies of Raven Medicine. 

And that is exactly what begins to happen as you learn to integrate and master your shadow. 

You are literally shape shifting into something else, and through that shift, you begin to create an entirely new reality. 

First the work happens energetically and in the Akash. 

Then you start to experience all sorts of synchronicities happening in your physical and spiritual worlds.
You will find people changing their responses and their behaviors towards you.
Abundance starts to drop into your life, while other things start to drop out.

You become this “new” person.
You release yourself from trauma and limitations.
You walk away from patterns of abuse or conditioning.
You begin to see which relationships...

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Shadow Work Tool #8.

Something I encourage all.the.time.

The Sacred Pause will change your life. In many ways.

Want to know how to listen to your intuition more?
How to make decisions that keep you in alignment more?
How to show up as the most soul aligned version of self?
How to engage in conflict in an empowered way?
How to step into self mastery and control your emotions? 

All the time. Take as many of these as you need. This is your permission slip to give yourself just a moment. (What I really want to say here is, "give yourself just a damn second for crying out loud!") 

And how do we do that?
How do we suddenly make this kind of space for ourselves when we've not done so before? 

Simple. (Yet, sometimes mindfulness is not so simple, because we are human and we sometimes forget!) 
Create a grounding technique. A tool or process that gives you just a second to breath, to tap in energetically and intuitively, and to think things...

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Sometimes It's Love And Light. Sometimes It's Rage & Sadness.

The Wayward Witch
Sometimes It's Love And Light. Sometimes It's Rage & Sadness.

Shadow Work & Witchcraft aren’t going to cure your depression.
But it will help you understand it, sit with it, prepare for it, alchemize it, manifest with it. 

All the tools in your healing tool kit may not ever really “cure” it.
Manifesting, having all the money, time, and resources in the world also won’t make depression or anxiety magically go away for good.

You see, while we are spirit and soul, we are also humans, here to have human experiences. 


That means we cycle through the emotional wheel. We have ups and downs.

Sometimes it’s love and light, sometimes it’s rage and sadness.  

I turned my life around. I manifested a wonderful relationship, friends,community,  self-confidence, travels, investments, a business I love, money, weight loss, self-love, and more. I am pretty damn good at manifesting when I put my mind to it, if I do say so. 


I went from being miserable in every aspect of life,...

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Down The Manifesting Rabbit Hole We Go

I just received a nice little download from spirit the moment I sat down to do some reality writing/manifesting.

The information in this blog contains some of the downloads, mindset work, and information from spirit (my manifesting guides as I like to call them) from the last year or two. 

If you are ready to think a little deeper, a little bigger, and get some new perspective read on! I go down these manifesting rabbit holes often, and I always find them to be quite transformative and abundant! 


A I was writing about my dream life, I was thinking about the subconscious fears we carry when it comes to major up-levels in our life. The fears that come up when we think about those really big dreams. The dreams and goals that feel so unattainable, even though we can't help but continue to want it anyway.
The dreams that sometimes have you feeling trapped because you want it so bad, but it feels so far off. So unavailable. 

But you just can't stop...

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Grief - A Message From Spirit

 What can I say about grief? 

There are no words that can adequately quantify what grief really is. And there is no one  that can fully explain it to us, as we all have our own experiences with grief. 

The grief I want to talk about today is the grief we must endure when a loved one passes away. 

I’ve been watching grief flood in all around us these past few years, including into my own heart.

I hold space as I watch it fill the crevices and dark empty places of our hearts, our minds, our energy fields, and then it takes over all the light places too.  

Grief is so heavy and wraps so tightly around our hearts, our lungs, our stomachs, our throats, our shoulders, and our souls. 

 And the hardest part about grief is you can’t do much to cure it other than sit with it, and slowly learn to navigate what life is without our loved one. 


Story Time...I cried today.
Over the weekend my boyfriend and I were driving...

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MANIFESTING TIP #6 Manifesting Momentum For Change


Whenever there is something you want to change- a belief, your mindset, patterns, behaviors, toxic relationships, abundance levels- whatever it may be, that can be a very daunting task.

We start with a nice jump start of motivation, and then programming, life, and the mundane get in the way, and we find ourselves right back in our old pattern/mindset/habit/lack. 

Then we often add a shadow layer to that by adding on shame for not changing the thing. For not being different than you were two days ago.

I have found the key ingredient that helps me to keep the manifesting/intention train moving anytime I want to change a pattern or a belief.

I first start with calling in and manifesting the MOTIVATION to change the thing. I call in the sacred self-discipline.
Because let’s face it, nobody can make these changes for us. 

No one can complete our manifestations for us. 


Change requires discipline- but I am not always a huge fan of that word. It reminds...

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If you are just trying to manifest money, and you aren't tuning in deeper to your truest desires, then you are going to find it difficult to manifest more money.

But, if you are willing to put some time and energy into tuning into what you TRULY desire to FEEL from all this money- then you will find your manifestations come to you much more effortlessly, and in such divine ways.


What feelings are you trying to buy with this manifestation of money?


Keep digging past all the "don't wants", all the lack you are trying to buy your way out of, and don't stop until you strike gold in the form of discovering your soul desires.

Is this sometimes a journey? Yes 

However, it's a very important part of the journey that a lot of us try to skip, by just defaulting to ask for more money.

"If I have more money, I can just buy my way to happiness."


If there is no desire behind the manifestation, then it's going...

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