Sedona Medicine

When we were in Sedona for our Healing Retreat last month I bought a unique locally designed Oracle Deck. This deck has a really special energy to it, and I just knew it wanted to work with me to bring sacred Earth and Animal messages. 

I have been asking my guide team every day how I can best show up and serve my tribe right now during such unprecedented times. Often I will feel called to post motivational, uplifting, or thought provoking content. Other times I am called to create printed material and free guidebooks, or host a few free circles. But today's message feels really special. Especially since I have been calling in deeper relationships and magic working with Earth, plant, animal, and spirit energies. 

Today the Sedona Oracle deck was sitting to the left of me on my desk, and kept drawing my attention on and off throughout the day.

I finally picked it up and where I normally will shuffle before picking a card, I felt drawn to spread them all out on my desk....

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